Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY) has officially stated that no permission has been provided for the relaunch of PUBG Mobile in India. MEITY is that ministry which banned the game with hundreds of other Chinese apps in the month of September. MEITY responded to a RTI Query filed on 30th November saying that they have not given any permissions for launch of PUBG.

A popular e-sport entity GEM Esports shared the ministry reply at their Instagram handle where the Central Public Information Officer responded to the query filed with an RTI.

The query stated that in the month of September 2020, Government of India with consultation of MEITY banned different Chinese apps. One of them was PUBG Mobile game. Now, there have been news which states the game is being relaunched and the is made mainly for the Indian public and will not be harmful for the nation and its citizens. They wanted to know if MEITY has given any permission to the game so that it can be launched again. MEITY responded by saying that they have not given permission for the launch of PUBG Mobile in India.

PUBG Mobile India launch date update: PUBG की भारत में वापसी पर आया सरकार  का बयान, कही ये बड़ी बात - Pubg mobile india launch date update indian  government clarifies no permission
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It must be noted that Inside Sport was first news platform who informed that PUBG relaunch reports or attempts have not been approved by the Ministry and no permission has been granted to anyone.

PUBG Officials have continuously chased the MEITY officials for around 30 days and the government is yet to provide a hearing. And the major information coming in from both the sides is that the ban on the game is not getting revoked for a few more months. Sources on the side of PUBG informed that the matter is not getting resolved so soon.

An official who is closely following the developments from the side of PUBG said that efforts from PUBG were made in the right earnest but situation is such that there has been not much progress in the matter. They don’t see the game coming back to India for a few more months and surely not before March 2021. Everyone must live with it. After this statement, it is clear that PUBG Mobile is not coming back to India so soon.