Biking culture in Bangalore

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The Bike Riding is the next craze among the youngsters. It is adventurous and thrilling and gives you a different experience every time u explore the places. There are 37 registered biker clubs and 1200 plus members in Bangalore which indicates the rising bike culture in the city. The 2 wheeler population in Bangalore has crossed 35 lakhs, the highest to be in any city so far. With the increasing biking enthusiasts, the number of biking clubs in the city is also on rise.

The biking community not only consists of the teenagers who prefers races and stunts, but also middle aged and aged bikers whose BP and cholesterol level hasn’t impacted their biking enthusiasm. The Fifty+bulleters is a biking club which has 25 members, aged above 50. This club was formed for those bikers, for whom the age was never a constraint to kick their bikes and start off their journey. The members are always supportive to each other in various matters such as Health and family issues as the families may not be very supportive to the bikers considering the age factor.



Biking has also formed a part of the lifestyle rather than just a mode of commuting. Today, an individual is willing to invest on bikes just not once, but twice or thrice.  It has also become a status symbol and owning a Bullet or Harley Davidson is a sense of achievement for the owners.  Earlier, biking was associated only with men. The women had very limited options. They would either go with a Scooty or  an Activa. But today the trend has changed. Priyanka Chopra rightly said Why should guys have all fun?”  Thus, do not stare if you happen to see a female ruling the Royal enfield and tuning it according to her terms.



If you are on the roads of Bangalore at midnight and if you happen to be lucky, you might witness some of the races and stunts happening on the empty roads of  Koromangla, Mysore road or Marathalli.  Along with the rise in Biking groups, there has also been formation of stunt groups. The members are invited by various Motorsport events to perform.

Thus, if you are a biker and love biking and races, enroll yourself in one of the clubs and do share your experience with us.



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