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Every day is a celebration

Every day is a celebration. People not only celebrate festivals but they celebrate the culture and elements which makes their existence possible.

India is one such country which is rooted with diverse cultures and religions. The nation unites people through festivals which gets everyone even closer. And every single person here awaits a chance to celebrate and cherish every moment. In every nook and corner of the country people celebrate various festivals with utmost joy and enthusiasm. Mumbai is one such canvas that gets colored on such occasions like Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri, Holi, Diwali, Christmas, Mohoram, Dassera, Makarsankranti, Onam and what not. Thought the city is very professional and commercial in nature but it still bleeds traditions which is why every generation feels connected on every occasion.

Are only the god's to be impressed?
Are your god’s and Almighty’s really impressed?

But everyone does talk about them every now and then. Some are celebrated as rituals and some with respect to the almighty ! But there are some festivals too which are celebrated for the ones with whom we live and for the places we visit ! Apparently we feel we give a lot of importance to the people and places but, do we? Wondering what I’m trying to convey ? Well, to blow away this cloud of confusion, you’ve got to read ahead.

The festival that talks volumes together and people await to celebrated it – TKGAF ! Didn’t get it yet?? It is The Kala Ghoda Art Festival !! Every year, since 1999 the association hosts the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, the country’s largest multicultural festival, created to draw attention to this unique and beautiful area. The Festival draws visitors in the thousands, not just from the city but from all over the country, and, indeed, the world. The festival is celebrated for 8-9 days which blends all the colors of cultures. These are the days where you actually will give yourselves a chance to explore and get refreshed ! The efforts taken by TKGAF association to get all the forms of art and get the whole city rather the world involved is commendable ! People have always been stunned to see this side of art, culture and literature because not always do we take the efforts to look in the details ! But its never to late then now and TKGAF makes sure that you live ever moment there ! I think you should definitely visit it once as it has got a lot to offer for every individual. Believe me, if you visit this you’ll take back a lot to cherish !!

Lets celebrate Art, Music and Culture ! They are bigger than castes and religions !
Lets celebrate Art, Music and Culture ! They are bigger than castes and religions !

So, after getting all the tuned up with the music and dance, let me now get the spot light on the most important festival. The festival which is related to every other stranger or an outsider who wants to live a lusty glamorous life – Life of an Actor !! And no other festival but The MIFF would have done better justice to this !! It is the first ever International Film Festival for Documentary, Short and Animation Films which was held in the year 1990. The biennial festival is conducted with the active collaboration of Government of Maharashtra and the Indian Documentary Producers’ Association. The city of Mumbai is the permanent venue of the festival. MIFF is one of the most prestigious festival in the documentary, short and animation genre at par with International Film Festivals like Leipzig, Berlin, Oberhausen, Cracow and Tampere etc. Such a small city but so much to discover !!

Pictures set in motion gets the brain in action !
Pictures set in motion gets the brain in action !

After talking about all the festivals that highlight about films let me also introduce or rather remind you of the very old but rich culture which we live with and often forget. The world renowned Elephanta Caves, which are also one of the world heritage sites too ! The Elephanta Island offers a feast of dance and music =, under the stars and transforming it into an auditorium. Its a treat for the visitor as the setting is so natural and pure. The festival is organized by Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) in association with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) as a tribute to classical performers and an initiative to popularize Indian classical dance and heritage art forms.

It is all about expressing.
It is all about expressing.

The performances make the viewers content and joyous. And just like this there is yet another festival which enthralls everyone.  The Banganga Festival is a two day musical extravaganza. Mumbai the city of dreams witnesses its own heritage tribute through this festival. A tribute to its heritage through rhythm and music, the Banganga is a unique festival that promotes landmark sites, comprising of several temples, dating back to the 6th century BC. The festival also intends to increase awareness and conserve the Banganga tank and its environs.

Under the stars, all surrounded by nature. What more would one crave for?
Under the stars, all surrounded by nature. What more would one crave for?

But after all the watching and listening we do need some peace. We want to meditate and get surrounded by the aura of the divine. That is attained by every individual when its is the time to celebrate the majestic festival of Ganesh Chaturhi. There are celebrfations of the other festivals too but this gets a different vibe altogether in everyone. The festival is celebrated with sheer enthusiasm. It can’t be stated in words because everyone feels this festival and gets connected. And people across the country and the world visit Mumbai to get blessed !

Devotees carry an idol of the Hindu elephant god Ganesh for immersion into the Arabian Sea on the last day of the Ganesh Chaturthi festival in Mumbai

Festivals are those times where the people blend themselves in the color of celebrations. Its that time where no one thinks about their castes or creed but cherishes every moment. And in the city like Mumbai not only one worships the Almighty but even the culture due to which the existence lies is celebrated. Every day is a celebration. It is so rightly stated that, “One can remove a boy from Mumbai, but no one can remove Mumbai from the boy !”

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