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Is Bangalore the next Chennai?

Check inside for a real experience with the changing climate of Bangalore. Is the increasing humidity and temperature making Bangalore the next Chennai?

Bangalore Temperature

“What’s wrong with the Bangalore climate?” murmurs my roomie, who has recently migrated to Bangalore to set up her career.  When she was asked to choose her work city i.e. Bangalore/Chennai, she immediately opted for Bangalore without a blink of eye considering the climate as a major factor for her decision. Chennai is undoubtedly hot & humid unlike Bangalore which has a pleasant & charming weather.  The city has always lured the outsiders with its deadly climate giving the feel of a hill station.


I still remember the days when I first landed in Bangalore carrying a single cotton sheet to wrap myself in emergency situations, unaware of the city climate.  The chilled atmosphere welcomed me early in the morning, leaving me all alone with the fog, shivering & struggling hard to stand still.  I was completely going numb & my legs disapproved of any further movement. “ A paralysis attack?” was the first thought that entered my brain. I was relieved when I saw people covering themselves with tons of jackets, woolen shawls, muffler, and scarf to protect from the freezing weather. I immediately hurried to one of the stores at the airport to purchase a jacket for my survival, categorizing it into miscellaneous expenses as it was so unexpected .

Today, I shudder at the mere thought of Bangalore climate. It has left Delhi, Chennai & kolkata behind, in terms of rising mercury levels. The temperature has been fluctuating from 34 degree Celsius to 37 degree Celsius breaking its own record. The scorching sun has left us option less but to bear it.  The Volvo buses are no good to beat the heat of Bangalore.  There will soon be an increase in the sales of Air Conditioners & coolers; my roomie already is in the process of owning one. I question Shahrukh Sir, if his “Duniya Ka Sabse Chota AC” can help us out to tolerate this boiling temperature, especially me who has to face not only the external temperature but also the heat of the boiler which is fixed just above my room.  I am sure he would be speechless.


People working in Domestic & Multinational Companies wouldn’t be witnessing much of the greenhouse effect as the Management has ensured that the artificial temperature keeps them calm & cool to continue their work flow without any hindrances. I am bothered about the common man i.e., the people who are into field related jobs . They do not have an excuse to take a break from their regular task. The Marketing guys, Sales guys, courier walas, pizza delivery guys, vegetable vendors etc., whose movement is a must for our daily needs. They are the major victims of the heat waves. The weather forecast predicts that the temperature would continue the same for the next 10 days with a minor fluctuations ranging 36-38 degree Celsius, leaving all the bangaloreans disappointed.

Rising Temperature

I still hope that Mother earth would shower her blessings on the Silicon Valley & relieve us from the scorching temperature. I pray that those golden days must be gifted back to bangaloreans & I am equally willing to purchase the woolen clothes considering it as an asset rather than an expense.

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Kunwar Prithvi Singh Chauhan

Part time journalist, full-time observer. Editor-in-Chief at The Indian Wire. I cover updates related to business and startups.


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  • I do agree, PUJA… drastic change in the Bangalore climate have left garden city to change into a wilting, withering crumbled leafless plain which was once considered a Hill station.. I wish I had some ideas to make city like Bangalore COOL again..
    one good Eye Opening Article PUJA…gr8

  • Hi,

    The article is very good, however I wanted to share my views on the blog that…why don’t we try to understand the root cause of it.

    I feel we human beings are getting what we had given to the nature, and Bangalore is a typical example, just turn back and look 10 years back situation…..

    Thanks for the blog…I love reading all your blogs…keep rocking!!!


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