Sunday, January 24, 2021

Aamdani Athani, Kharcha Ruppaiyya

Blogger Hormaz Fatakia talks to a football match referee in Mumbai and finds out what it is like to draw a salary of a mere 100rs.

“Sorry Mumbai… this won’t do!”

This article appeals to the readers to take an active initiative in the betterment of Mumbai. Cleanliness is something every Mumbaikar needs focus on. Find out how you can be the change if you want to see the change.

This Independence Day be an independent Mumbaikar!

Mumbai is home to many migrants from across the country and abroad. People leave their families back home and come here for various reasons. So for those who cross the figurative seven seas to make this city their home, Shruti Barot offers 7 pointers that will help you be an independent Mumbaikar this Independence Day!

Old age homes in Bangalore

The article talks about the old age homes in Bangalore. Do read to find out the complete details about the old age homes.

The story behind HOPCOMS

HOPCOMS assists the farmers to sell their products at a reasonable price without the intervention of the middlemen. Read further to find out more..

Flipkart and their future plans

Flipkart is planning to expand its operations. It is also planning to build new Bangalore campus in the future. Read further to find out more..

List of 2014 Government Holidays

Awaiting for holidays? Planning for a trip? Read the article to find out the complete holiday list for the year 2014.

How to get Ration Card in Bangalore?

Ration Card is a mandatory document issued by the Government of India to all the citizens. Read the article to know the application procedure in Bangalore.

High Court and the attendance system

The attendance of the students have become a major challenge for the educational institutes. Read further to have a clear understanding of it.

Bangaloreans cry for justice!

Bangaloreans demands justice for the 6 year old rape victim. The city protested against the crime and requested the police for a speedy trial and justice.