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How well do you know Mumbai?

This article is a short quiz lined up for all the Mumbai enthusiasts to test your knowledge about the city that’s to die for! Like, comment and share this fun filled quiz with your buddies!

Are you one of those snobs who pride themselves in being a Mumbaikar? Or are you someone who frequently visits this city and claims to know – it – all? Whatever maybe the type, here’s a fun quiz lined up for you by Shruti Barot to test your knowledge about the city that’s to die for!
quiz1) Which year was Mumbai’s name officially changed from Bombay?

a) 1986
b) 1995
c) 1982
d) 2000

2) What event does Mumbai’s Gateway of India commemorate?

a) King George V’s 1911 visit
b) India’s independence from British
c) City’s status as an international port
d) Victims of 1896 plague

3) Mumbai started as a group of how many islands?

a) 5
b) 8
c) 4
d) 7

4) Which is Mumbai’s dominant industry today?

a) Textile
b) Fashion
c) Computer
d) Pharmaceutical

5) When was the terrorist attack in Taj Hotel?

a) 26/07/2006
b) 9/11/2008
c) 26/11/2008
d) 11/9/2006
taj attack

6) What happened on 26th July 2006 in Mumbai?

a) Tsunami
b) Drought
c) Terrorist Attack
d) Floods

7) The ____ system of Mumbai had been awarded a six sigma performance rating by the Havard Business Review magazine for its astonishing service accuracy rate.

a) Public Transport
b) Dabbawala
c) Trade
d) Railway

8) Which is the famous art festival held in Mumbai?

a) Kala Ghoda Art Festival
b) Bangana
c) Cheer!
d) Urban Haat Festival

9) Which international sporting event in Mumbai sees thousands participating?

a) Indian Super League
b) Mumbai Games
c) Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon
d) Indian Premiere League

10) Which is the first family of Indian Cinema that resides in Mumbai?

a) Khans
b) Bachchans
c) Kapoors
d) Chopras


quiz answersAnswers
1-b, 2-a, 3-d, 4-a, 5-c, 6-d, 7-b, 8-a, 9-c, 10-c

We hope you enjoyed our tiny version of KBC. Some very unique and exciting quizzes coming up soon! Share this quiz with a friend and flaunt your scores!

“Live Mumbai…Love Mumbai”

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