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Shruti Barot attempts to end the misery of out-of-towners by listing down a few apps that help them master Mumbai in and out.

1. m-Indicator – Mumbaim-indicator app
Rating on Play Store: 4.5
Cost: Free
Size: 2.98 MB

This app is probably one that you’ll find on every other Mumbaikar’s smart phone. For some, this app is like their lifeline. It basically serves as a Mumbai travel guide, giving us information about the following:

  • Mumbai Public Transport
  • Classifieds section
  • Natak & Movies
  • Railway megablock alert
  • Emergency phone numbers
  • Picnic spots

In spite of having a wide range of options, its main area of usage is for Public transport. It excels in giving its users detailed and comprehensive information regarding the various routes, schedule, fares, frequency, bus or train numbers and so on. All you have to do is click on your choice of transport and you’ll receive all the information you need for your travel. M-indicator also provides you with the facility for checking the PNR status of your railway ticket. The Picnic menu also has categorically segregated picnic spots and their description.

2. Smart Mumbai Public Transportsmart mumbai public transport

Rating on Play Store: 4.4
Cost: Free
Size: 1.26 MB

As the name suggests, this app is purely to aid commuters travelling by public transport in Mumbai. If you’re new to Mumbai, understanding the Western, Central & Harbour line can be a real task. But you don’t need to worry much. All you need is a smart phone and this app to help you get familiar with it. Some features of SMPT include:
• Local train schedule & railway map
• BEST Bus routes
• Auto Meter & Taxi Meter fare
The best part about this app is that it works offline just as well!

3. MyCityWay – Mumbai Way

Rating on Play Store: 4.2
Cost: Free
Size: 5.37 MB

This app promises to be helpful to both Mumbaikars as well as tourists. It has probably the most extensive range of options in its main menu, some of which are Dining, Tourism, Transit, Nightlife, Events, Hotels, Airports, Shopping, Movies, Classifieds and so on. It is a one stop destination to almost everything that Mumbai has to offer. It is known for its simple interface which users love. It utilizes the built in GPS for navigation.

4. Mumbai Mapmumbai map

Rating: 4.1
Cost: Free
Size: 1.2 MB

Gone are the days when you required extra large paper maps of any city. With an app like this, life just gets easier. This app allows you to navigate through the map of this city and it also provides you with some useful information. It gives you a description of each tourist spot along with an image, list of hotels in the city and more importantly the map of the entire city. The description of this app on Play Store is a good read and this app is worth a try!

5. Mumbai City Guide

Rating: 4.1
Cost: Free
Size: 20.01 MB

With categories such as restaurants, hotels, attractions, itineraries, nightlife, shopping and a lot more you are sure never to have a dull moment on your trip to this enchanting city. All the places listed on TripAdvisor are included in this app. The creators have handpicked some of the best itineraries, enabling you to explore and make the most out of your stay. You can also create your own trip journal and yes, this app also works offline! It uses the GPS in the phone to provide you with the results.
mumbai city guidemumbai city guide

6. Tour Mumbaitour mumbai

Rating: 4.9
Cost: Free
Size: 2.27 MB

Tour Mumbai is one app to check out before or during your trip to Mumbai. It gives you information about all the tourist places in Mumbai at a glance. It also categorizes these places according to their specialty such as monuments, sea side spots, religion, arts and more. There are also some good reviews that you must read up!

Feel free to write your user reviews or suggestions in the comments below!

By Shruti Barot

Shruti Barot is a young, dynamic mass media undergraduate with a flair for writing and photography. She is a music enthusiast who enjoys singing and playing the keyboard. She loves to travel and explore what meets beyond the eye. Shruti has a vibrant zest for life which is clearly transmitted through all that she does.

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