Doctors to protest yet again in national capital over National Medical Commission (NMC) Bill

Fresh Protests against the NMC Bill to take place in the National Capital

New protests over NMC Bill to start soon.

NEW DELHI: The protest over National Medical Commission (NMC) Bill is far from over.

The faculty members of AIIMS on Monday held a meeting to discuss the desired amendments in the Bill. Apparently, a committee had been formed to suggest the amendments. At the same time, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) has given a call to withdraw healthcare services across the country on August 8. This act is a protest against the central provisions of the NMC Bill. The association said the NMC Bill did not address the core concerns of the medical fraternity.

The withdrawal demands all modern medicine doctors to leave their work place across the sectors. This is to take place on August 8. This protest will take place from 6 AM to 6 AM next day. Meanwhile, medical students under IMA-Medical Student Network will continue their strike across the country.

The doctor’s body has also called for demonstrations and hunger strikes at its local branches and urged medical students to boycott classes and proclaim solidarity with the IMA.

Meanwhile, members of the AIIMS students’ Union staged a protest in front of the institute and boycotted all academic activities on Monday.


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