Rahul Gandhi starts Gujarat assembly election campaign from Saurashtra

Congress is all set and geared up to fight the polls in Gujarat after the recent successful campaigns which are going viral in the state. Gujarat will soon be poll-bound as the assembly elections are approaching rapidly, due in Dec this year.

Both BJP and Congress are working day and night to achieve victory, though BJP seems to be a little disappointed recently. With the Patidars indicating to join hands with Congress and the leaders of other backward classes are also thinking of backing the opposition is a matter of concern for the BJP ahead of the elections.

BJP was confident of winning the polls in the name of the party’s national face Narendra Modi, however, the changing political developments in the state speaks otherwise.

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi after returning from his two weeks long trip to the United States, began his Gujarat assembly election campaign from Saurashtra on Monday. This region has always been a challenge for the Congress for the past two decades. During the last assembly elections in 2012, the party had won only 12 out of the 52 seats. This time Congress working strategically to focus in the weaker regions first decided to begin from here.

During his campaign in Gujarat for three days, Rahul will mainly be talking about the failures of the Modi led government. He will especially highlight the GST, Demonetisation, farmers issue, development in Gujarat and poverty. The schedule for his Navsarjan Yatra began with the visit to the Krishna temple in Dwarka, Gujarat.

He headed straight to the temple from  Mithapur airstrip accompanied by Gujarat Congress president Bharatsinh Solanki and state party in-charge Ashok Gehlot.

Recently there are talks that the Patidars agitated if being neglected by the BJP are likely to join hands with the Congress. The Patidar leader Hardik Patel welcomed the Congress Vice President with a tweet also, speaks much about the friendship grooming. Patidars is an important minority community of Gujarat and hold almost 14% of the total population. If the Patidars join Congress ahead of the polls, this can be a major boost for the party.

“Congress ke rashtriya upadhyaksh Rahulji ka Gujarat mae hardik swagat hai..Jay Shri Krishna (a warm welcome to Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi in Gujarat…),” Hardik tweeted.

After visiting the temple Rahul went to the Hanjrapar, where he was scheduled to lead the roadshow on a bullock cart. During the rally on the bullock cart, while interacting with the villagers, the media people interacted with the villagers and mostly complained about the loss of their lands under the new satellite mapping. According to the sources, the survey was not conducted properly and mostly the influential people benefitted from it.

GPCC president Bharatsinh Solanki had said that “Our investigation reveals that several influential people have benefitted from the mapping. As the entire survey was conducted without going to the fields and checking the ground reality, we want it to be scrapped.”

While addressing the gathering Rahul said that the youth of Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan are struggling with the problem of unemployment. Reminding the words of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he said that the PM had promised to create employment for at least 2 crore youths every year and the youth of India had believed him. When the question of unemployment was raised in the Parliament by the Congress, it was revealed that compared to the figure of 2 crores, only 1 lakh youth were employed in entire India.

Further attacking the government on the issue of unemployment, Rahul giving the figures said that out of the 30000 people that enter the market every day in search for a job, the Modi led government is only able to provide jobs to 400.

After the underlining the failure of the government of not providing jobs, he attacked the issue of the problems faced by the farmers. He confidently challenged that be it any state or any district in the entire country, no farmer is happy with the prices that he gets for his products.

The Congress leader then jumped onto the Modi made a disaster, demonetisation. He said that due to the note ban the farmers were affected the most as they buy their seeds with the cash payment and not through digital transactions. He further added that the workers who live on the daily wages were also badly affected as they do not get their wage through phones or online transactions.

Rahul added that the experiment of demonetisation counter attacked the Indian economy isn such a bad way that it will years for the economy of India to come back on the tracks.

He further continued that the Prime Minister was not enough satisfied with the experiment of demonetisation, he further implemented GST to bring down the economy even more. Rahul said that due to GST the small and the middle-class businessmen were hampered the most. Hundreds of people lost their jobs and thousands of small businesses were shut down just because of the GST.

Rahul while talking to the people aid that the Congress had warned the Prime Ministers of the aftereffects of the implementation of GST. He said that the party had advised Modi that even if GST has to be implicated, it has to be done slowly and systematically, implementing it in a go will be disastrous for the economy and so did it happen. Further underlining the disadvantages of GST, Rahul said that the small businessmen now have to fill three forms every month and this has made things difficult for them. He said that the big ones are not much affected as they have numbers of CA’s and accountants to take of the things.

He said that it is the small and the poor that are suffering, and this has been the scenario under the Modi government ever since. The big and rich people enjoy the policies and fill their pockets even more, while the poor bear the suffering, getting even poorer.

The Congress leader said that under the Narendra Modi led government there is nothing in India but problems everywhere. He said that today India is fighting with the problems of unemployment, farmers are unhappy, the poor are sad and the big people are enjoying. He further added that this is the major difference between the BJP and the Congress. They connect only with the wealthy and the rich, while the Congress connects with the poor and the middle-class people.

Stressing on the campaign he promised the people of Gujarat that if in the next polls Congress wins, the government in Gujarat will be a government of the farmers, a government of the poor and government of the youths. Concluding the speech Rahul thanked the people for gathering in such a big number and seeking the support of the people said that the Congress party will fulfil all the promises made.

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi will interact directly with farmers, industrialists and businessmen on his three-day Saurashtra tour. During his roadshow, he will communicate directly with the regional people and hear their problems.

After visiting Dwarka, he will be moving on to Jamnagar and will staying there overnight. Tomorrow morning, Rahulwill reach Rajkot via Tanka and then will be visiting Rajkot there he will meet industrialists and businessmen and listen to their issues. On the last day of his visit, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi will visit other cities including Churila, Jasdan, Veerpur, Jitpur and end the Saurashtra tour with his rally in Khodaldham.