Piyush Goyal Launches Rail Drishti Dashboard; a portal to provide Information to passengers

Union Railway Minister Piyush Goyal on Monday inaugurated Rail Drishti Dashboard, a portal that aimed to provide railway information to passengers. Goyal said while launching the portal, ‘People can access information related to railways, view live feeds of railway kitchens, get details of freight and passengers & rail time table through the Rail Drishti Dashboard’.

Talking more about the portal, Piyush Goyal said, the URL/Link is being made so simple that it can be user-friendly. He added, ‘Those in remote villages can access this and find out everything about Railways’.

Hailing his government at Centre, Union Minister said, ‘Ours Government is accountable Government. We hold ourselves accountable to people’s aspirations. He added that the NDA Government has always given its report card on each of the last years in the last 5 years’.

Goyal also fired a salvo at Congress President Rahul Gandhi for mocking Vande Bharat Express.’Those who are weak and don’t work hard make fun of Make in India’ Goyal said without directly referring to anyone.

Congress Rahul Gandhi recently mocks the Vande Bharat Express. He said in a tweet, ‘PM Modi must “seriously” reconsider his Make in India scheme as most people think it has failed’. Vande Bharat Express in its inaugural Run develops glitches.

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On the land deal between Maharashtra government and Rail Land Development Authority (RLDA) for the redevelopment of Dharavi slum in Mumbai, Goyal said 45 acres of surplus land would be given to Dharavi redevelopment project on a 99 years lease.

Union Minister Piyush Goyal also proposed the use of bar codes on food packets in railway which would redirect the people to the live feed of the kitchen in which it was prepared. Minister said, ‘ Our ultimate aim is to have a barcode on food packets so people can scan the code which would redirect them to the live feed of the kitchen in which it was prepared,” Goyal said.



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