Can Narendra Modi counter anti-incumbency wave in Rajasthan?

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PM Modi started the poll campaign for BJP in Ajmer in Rajasthan on Saturday. He had arrived to address the Vijay Sankalp rally which was also to mark the CM Vasundhara Raje’s much-hyped 40-day Gaurav Yatra’s conclusion. PM’s fifth visit to the state is believed to be significant as lately the state has been seeing a lot of anti-incumbency wave and protests by the government employees against the current regime.

With this rally, PM Modi has tried to use his charm of wooing people by stating that as BJP government believes in accountability, he was there to report the work done in the state. PM Modi said, “We are nearing the end of our term in Rajasthan and we are here to give you a report of all that we have done. It is a matter of honor to be here in your service and to fearlessly give you an account of everything we’ve done for your benefit.”

He also made some big promises and claimed that BJP works towards ensuring women welfare and empowerment and for that he promised the new mothers a maternity leave for 26 weeks.

He slammed Congress on doing vote bank politics and dividing people. Calling on a strong opposition in a healthy democracy he termed Congress of being a failure not just when they were in power but also when they are in opposition.

PM Modi who is known for not mincing his words asked people directly to not vote for Congress. He said, “Today after 60 years the country has got a direction, do not give them (Congress) a chance to look here again.”

Earlier, CM Raje’s Yatra had witnessed a lot of protests and reports were there that thousands of disgruntled employees had threatened to march towards the prime minister’s rally on Saturday and staging a protest outside the venue.

The state BJP has revealed that Modi will be holding a series of rallies and public meetings across the state in the coming days especially focusing on areas where the BJP is said to be weak.

The election commission has announced the poll dates and Rajasthan is set to go to polls on December 7.


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