Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal invites Amit Shah to visit Delhi govt schools

Arvind Kejriwal

Delhi Cheif Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday invited former BJP president Amit Shah to take out some time and visit the city government schools.

Tweeting in Hindi, Kejriwal also expressed pleasure that Shah has been able to spot some CCTVs in Delhi, as the BJP leader had earlier said he could not spot a single CCTV even with a “pair of binoculars”.

“I am happy that you are able to spot some CCTV cameras. A few days back you had said that not a single camera was installed in Delhi,” said Kejriwal.

He invited Shah to the government-run schools, saying “try to find some time, we will show you our schools as well”.

Kejriwal also said he was happy taht the people of Delhi have changed the politics in the capital so much that even the “BJP has to seek votes on the name of CCTVs, schools and unauthorized colonies”.

Delhi is going for polls on February 8.


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