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BonSouth Koramangala, South Indian Cuisine with a Change!

Looking for a quality south Indian budget restaurant at affordable price, look no further than BonSouth Koramangala (South India cuisine with a Change)

Not many times you try out a new kind of restaurant and come out so satisfied with the food and the service of a restaurant. The same happened with me on last Saturday.



I was invited to review BonSouth Koramangala, as the name suggests, it’s a non-veg based south Indian Restaurant. This was my first ever time I had been to a South Indian restaurant for a full dinner and somewhere that thought was in my mind until I reached the place.

Finding the place was a little difficult task as we believed Google Maps and we forgot to ask the restaurant reception for the exact location. After taking a full round of Koramangala and wasting around an hour of our time, we finally reached the place.

The entrance itself looked quiet different. As it is a calm place with a pretty good appearance. The sitting arrangement looks better as a fine dining restaurant.

The buffet concept is pretty much similar compared to other restaurants. The starters and drinks would be served to your table and once you are done with that, you can proceed to main course and desserts (you need to get up and grab them for yourself).

Just after entering any restaurant, the only thing which gives the first impression is the service and the behavior of the staff with the customers. The service was excellent and all the guys out there were very well behaving and literally tried to make us taste every single thing which was on the starters menu.

The first thing which got served in my plate was Capsicum Cheese Uttapam. It seems like a veg pizza having a lot of cheese in that and I liked it a lot. Every single starter after that had something in unique. Thair Wada, Soya Dosa Roll, Podi Idly, Paneer Porichathy (Paneer Chilly Fry), Pazham Poori, Pancha Dhaniya and Corn Chuttau were some of the veg starters which left my mouth watering.



However, non-veg starters are not any less. The best dish which I had in BonSouth Koramangala was the Manji Kola Vayathina (Coriander Steamed Fish). This was a dish of fish which was mashed and made with coriander and it gave a real awesome taste to someone who was trying fish for the first time. Other starters in non-veg category included Grilled Chicken, Mutton Patties and Fried Prawns.



The soup section, however had very limited choices. The veg soup section was occupied by Rasam, which was pretty good and the non veg category had mutton soup which tasted pretty good as well. The only thought I got in mind at the time was that they could include a few more variants to give a few choices more to the customers.



Then came the final and most important part of the meal. The Main Course. For someone, who just experienced some awesome starters, even a good meal would look average and the same happened with me. After those crazy delicious starters, I started expecting bit too much about Main Course and that was something which disappointed me at some point.

However, the food was pretty good. After filling my stomach with the starters, I did not have much of the space left, but still I managed to taste Chicken Biryani, Veg Staw, Mangalorean Chicken Curry, Mutton Curry and Crab Masala.

Almost all of the items in Main Course were cooked in coconut oil, giving the traditional flavour smell of South Indian cuisine. The Banana Kurma tasted really awesome with Kerala Paratha an that accounted for the remaining space in my tummy.

Any meal is never over without some nice sweet dish. So that made me move to the desserts section. There were quiet a few options available and in the first sight, I grabbed Phirnee, and Payasam. Both the dishes were so awesomely cooked and presented that I could not stop myself to try those for multiple times.



I seriously wanted to try out Gulab Jamoon and Ice Cream because guys with me were praising both the things a lot, but I literally had no space to even try a single thing out of them.



The evening there at BonSouth Koramangala ended with those memories, but it surely gave me a new option to go and try out whenever I feel like having quality south Indian food. For a northie like me, South Indian food might not be something very much preferred, but I will surely keep trying new south Indian dishes now.

The restaurant has a dedicated bar attached with the same, if you want to try out some drinks with the awesome South Indian food.



For the cricket lovers, BonSouth has an awesome offer. if you want to enjoy match on a big screen, head straight to BonSouth and they will arrange for an awesome live TV session to make sure you watch your favorite team play with the awesome food of BonSouth.

Let me know what you guys think about the same! 🙂

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