I have total respect for Anil bhai as a cricketer : Virat Kohli

Anil Kumble and Virat Kohli

Even after 48 hours of Kumble’s resignation, a much awaited reaction on it from the Indian skipper, Virat Kohli didn’t come. However, Kohli’s action spoke a lot of words and Indian Cricket Community a lot more than just words.

It was found that the welcoming tweet for Anil Kumble by Kohli had been deleted. The tweet said, “Heartiest welcome to @anilkumble1074 Sir. Look forward to your tenure with us. Great things in store for Indian cricket with you.”

Also, in the pre-match press conference, when asked to comment on Kumble’s resignation, he said, “Obviously, he has reacted and it’s his opinion, which I respect. I have total respect for Anil bhai as a cricketer and what he has achieved for the nation (It took exactly a year for Sir to become bhai). All the years he has played, there is no taking away from that aspect of him at all. And we all respect him totally.”

He added, “His resignation is something that has happened right after the Champions Trophy. I addressed 11 pressers in the Champions Trophy but did not speak on it. We have created a culture over the last three or four years that whatever happens in the change room, we’ve tried to maintain the sanctity of the change room throughout. For us that is paramount. I’ve always respected that and we have continued to maintain that as well.”

India will play their first ODI against West Indies on 23rd June, Friday.