Tue. Jun 25th, 2024
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FIFA stands for Federation Internationale de Football Association founded in 1904.

FIFA World Cup 2022 is taking place in Qatar this year.

The FIFA World Cup is played between 32 teams that are subdivided into eight groups consisting of four teams each.

Group A

Group A consists of Netherlands, Ecuador, Senegal, and Qatar.

Ecuador beat Qatar by 2-0 as Qatar became the first hosting nation to lose the first match.

The Netherlands beat Senegal by 2-0.

Group B

Group B has England, Wales, the USA, and Iran.

England won against Iran by a difference of 6-2.

The match between the USA and Wales got tied by 1-1.

Group C

Group C has Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and Poland.

Saudi Arabia came out and performed extremely well as they won against one of the top teams Argentina by 2-1.

While the match between Poland and Mexico got tied.

Group D

Group D has Denmark, Tunisia, France, and Australia.

France showed an outstanding performance by winning the match against Australia by 4-1.

The other match between Denmark and Tunisia got tied.

Group E

Group E has Germany, Spain, Japan, and Costa Rica.

The World Cup showed some unseen things as Japan won against the great team Germany by 2-1.

Meanwhile, Spain showcased their talent as they won by 7-0.

Group F

Group F has Morocco, Croatia, Belgium, and Canada.

The match between Morocco and Croatia got tied up.

Meanwhile, Belgium won the match against Canada by 1-0.

Group G

Group G has Switzerland, Cameroon, Brazil, and Serbia.

Switzerland won the match against Cameroon.

While the match between Brazil and Serbia will be played on November 25th.

Group H

Group H consists of Uruguay, Portugal, South Korea, and Ghana.

The match between Uruguay and South Korea got tied up.

While the match between Portugal and Ghana will be played today.

By far it is estimated to be the most expensive World Cup in history.

Qatar is almost estimated to spend around $220 Billion.

It is by far the most expensive World Cup in any sport.

Qatar has been preparing itself since 2010 when they were chosen as the host of the World Cup 2022.

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