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18 Indian startups selected for Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator Program

American multinational company Oracle has shortlisted 18 startups for the fourth batch Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator Program in India. Oracle’s global accelerator program was first piloted at Bengaluru in 2016, and this marks the fourth consecutive batch in Bengaluru. While it is the second consecutive batch in Delhi and Mumbai.

The selected startup will be provided with structured mentoring, state-of-the-art-technology, coworking space, along with an opportunity to engage with Oracle’s customers and partners.

The shortlisted startups hail from diverse sectors including travel, hospitality, micro-finance, supply chain management, cybersecurity, power distribution, and using modern technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, chatbots, big data, etc.

Total 18 startups are selected, 6 each are selected from Bengaluru, Delhi, and Mumbai.

6 Startups Selected in Bengaluru

  1. Confirmtkt: It was founded by Dinesh Kumar and Sripad Vaidya in 2014. Confirmtkt is a travel ticket search engine, providing seamless ticket discovery and booking experience.
  2. INCREFF: It was founded by Romil Jain, Anshuman Agarwal, Nirmal Jain, and Rajul Jain in 2016. INCREFF uses technology and data to backed intelligence to help brands sustainably increase sales and margins.
  3. ITILITE: This travel management startup was founded by Anish Khadiya and Mayank Kukreja in 2017. ITILITE uses technology and behavioural science to help companies reduce travel cost by incentivising employees to save on corporate travels.
  4. LendFoundry: Founded by Sandeep Phophaliya in 2015, LendFoundry is a cloud-based end-to-end lending platform for alternative lenders.
  5. Squadcast: It was founded by Amiya Adwitya and Sisir Koppaka in 2017. Squadcast is an incident management platform helping tech teams innovate and iterate faster to deliver enhanced customer experience.
  6. XOXODAY: It was founded by Sumit Khandelwal, Manoj Agarwal, Abhishek Kumar, and Kushal Agarwal in 2012. XOXODAY provides a technology platform to help organizations manage rewards, loyalty programs, and incentives.

6 Startups Selected in Delhi

  1. HeyMojo: It was founded by Avinash Dutt, Jagdish Repaswal, Pallav Kumar, and Rahul Chandra in 2016. HeyMojo is an AI-enabled marketing automation platform helps the hospitality industry through zero commission booking and orders.
  2. Kratikal: It was founded by Pavan Kushwaha in 2012. Kratikal provides end-to-end cybersecurity solutions to companies and individuals.
  3. VdoCipher: It was founded by Sidhant Jain and Vibhav Sinha in 2014. VdoCipher provides secure online video streaming services for e-learning, media, and marketing businesses.
  4. Mobisy: It was founded by Lalit Bhise, Riyaz Hyder, Shree Kulkarni, and Vasudeva Manjunath in 2007. Mobisy provides SaaS-based solutions to assist companies to boost their sales and streamline supply chain.
  5. NotifyVisitors: It was founded by Sidharth Gupta and Aman Gupta. NotifyVisitors provides an AI and ML powered personalized customer engagement and messaging platform that automates notifications on the web and mobile apps based on visitor behaviour.
  6. Advantage Club: It was founded by Smiti Deorah and Sourabh Deorah in 2014. Advantage Club provides an end-to-end client and employee engagement platform through corporate discounts, rewards and recognition.

6 Startups Selected in Mumbai

  1. Eduvanz Finance: It was founded by Varun Chopra, Raheel Shah, and Atul Sashittal in 2016. Eduvanz is a technology-based nonbanking finance company (NBFC) focused on financing individuals looking for education and skill building loans.
  2. CredAble: It was founded by Nirav Choksi in 2017. CredAble provides a platform to combine financing, technology, and analytics to create innovative supply chain financing products dynamically.
  3. I3 Systems: It was founded by Mallesh Bommanahal, Varzavand Batliwala, and Ravi Chandibhamar. I3 Systems is an AI-based startup creating automation products for health and life insurance sector.
  4. Jubi AI: Jubi is an AI-based chatbot leveraging deep data to enhance customer experience for its clients.
  5. RupeeCircle: It was founded by Ajit Kumar, Abhishek Gandhi, Ashish Mehta, and Piyush Saurabh in 2018. RupeeCircle is a fintech startup providing an online lending platform for borrowers to receive quality credit at affordable rates, and providing favourable returns for lends using data-driven technology to minimize risks.
  6. SustLabs: SustLabs is an analytics startup leveraging big data to decode the energy consumption of a house in real-time across various devices using a smart meter.

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