EncloudEn provides reliable cloud solutions

The rate of generation of data in today’s time has risen exponentially, IOT, Machine Learning, Smart Devices, AI and others have contributed enormously. Data generated could well be in any format of text, visual or audible format. The rise in data has led to developments in storage technology but, it has now become quite expensive and strenuous for small-scale industries to afford the infrastructural needs for at least a decent system. In order to reduce the burden of storage and processing of such large amount of data, EnclouEn, a cloud-based start-up has come up with the finest set of cloud products which are highly scalable, reliable, secure and cost-effective. They not only assist in managing data of their customers but also provide various add-on features which would contribute to the definite growth of their customers.


EnCloudEn was cofounded by 2 IIM Bangalore alumnus Abinash Saikia and Vishwa Vijoyendra Narayan along with an IIT Madras alumni Satya Kishore Gontina in 2012, headquarter being situated at Bangalore, India.


EncloudEn has diverse products to streamline the IT solutions required by the customers. They have 4 core products which are used to enable and support specific functionalities and services they provide in various sectors.

Core Products:

  • HCI, Hyper-Converged Infrastructure is a decentralized storage module having the server incorporated with it to provide seamless storage usage.
  • Private Cloud, this is a highly scalable feature which helps the customers to pay as per their usage and eliminating worries for higher loads as it can effectively shift its load among other platforms like AWS and Google cloud.
  • VDI, Virtual desktop Infrastructure creates a virtual desktop and is accessible from anywhere and has capabilities to handle the device’s peripheral connections.
  • Louvre, is a machine learning tool that constantly monitors the performance of a system by keeping a check on parameters like CPU, memory, Network IO and others and performs the analysis and alerts the user with the generated reports.

Business Model

EnCloudEn follows a “Pay per Use” model, which makes the services highly scalable or subscription-based pricing of the products. They provide IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) with less time for deployment and the products are quite user-friendly. The company provides IT solutions in various sectors using their products, which forms the source of revenue.


Financial services

It provides a robust solution to banking corporations, wherein they provide secure user desktop, through which the data is securely accessible by the employees and the transaction is quite fast and is available remotely. The major advantage is that all the branches of a corporation can be monitored at a central place.

Hospitality services

It provides an efficient management system to Hotel industries wherein they enable the real-time data availability of the guests with the use of minimal resources and provides a central control system to administrate the required in-house processes.

Education services

It provides AICTE approved services to various universities wherein the entire virtual desktop is made available to them and also conducts a locked examination. It also has the authority to set up local data centers for the institutions.


EncloudEn products are compatible with the VMs of IT giants like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and others. Its exquisite range of specified IT solutions for various industries has built a strong foundation and paved the way for a bright future. It also received incubation funding of $US 15000 from NetApp. Its competitors are  Adya, Vitacloud, Ciphercloud, and others.


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