Freshworks : Managing end-to-end customer solutions with SaaS

The start-up culture has grown to its peak now. Whenever a small-size or even a medium-size firm is set up, they need a good technical support to manage their customer’s relationship, be it sales, marketing, data center, and others. The architectural setup cost is generally very high and beyond the feasible reach for such companies. Freshworks provides a complete range of sales management and customer relationship management tools through Saas.


Freshworks was officially founded on October 13, 2010, with the name of Freshdesk, which was rechristened to Freshworks on July 7, 2017. It was co-founded by Girish Mathrubootham and Shan Krishnasamy. The offices are situated in the US, Australia, Germany, UK and Chennai in India.


Freshworks has raised a total funding amount of $US 149 Million through 6 rounds of funding.

  • It received a Series A funding of $US 1 Million on Dec 2, 2011. The lead investor of this round was Accel.
  • It received a series B funding of $US 5 Million on Apr 26, 2012, which was jointly funded by Tiger Global Management and Accel.
  • It received another funding of $US 7 Million on Nov 21, 2013, in Series C round, which was jointly funded by Tiger Global Management and Accel.
  • It received a series D funding of $US 31 Million on Jun 12, 2014, which was jointly funded by Google Capital.
  • It received a series E funding of $US 50 Million on Apr 20, 2015, which was jointly funded by Tiger Global Management and Accel.
  • It received the last stage funding of $US 55 million on Nov 1, 2016, led by Sequoia Capital.


Freshworks mostly provides various business solutions for customers as well as their employees to enable smooth administration and satisfy their customer’s needs. Let’s have a look at the products:

  • Freshsales, it is a cloud-based CMR (Customer Relationship Management) tool. It helps in boosting sales management of their customers and provides features like storing customer data, make calls, send emails, schedule appointments, and many others.
  • Freshdesk, it is a tool which helps companies to keep track of conversations, manage the queries by customers via phone call, email, chat or social media.
  • Freshservice, it is a project managing tool which provides features like service desk for incident management, project management, asset management and reporting.
  • Freshcaller, It is a call center software solution for companies which requires no hardware setup and provides features like phone call system for handling business across the globe, smooth call handling support and monitoring the communication experience.
  • Freshteam, it is a tool which provides a complete solution for the recruitment process and maintains the candidate’s database along with the option to include their in-house hiring team.
  • Freshmarketer, it is a tool used to record the activities of the visitors on the company’s web portal. It provides features like Heatmaps, Session replay, split URL testing, and form analytics.


Freshworks has made many acquisitions to keep up with the needs of the industry and be relevant and efficient enough in developing products. Some of the acquisitions are 1Click, a live video chat platform, Frilp, Konotor, an app development firm, Framebench, tool for sharing files virtually within an organization, Chatimity, provides Chat-as-a-service for mobile application, and others.


The products provided by Freshworks are very much in competition with other technology giants like Google, which have a diverse range of business solutions and their products are highly scalable like Gmail, Google drive, Hangout,  SmartTalk, and others. The oldest player in the sector of digital sales management system, Salesforce, is the toughest competition to

Freshworks. Some other competitors in this sector are Happyfox, Helpshift, Hipmob, and others.


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