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KhaaliJeb – An unknown UPI Payment App offering Discounts to Students & Youth


KhaaliJeb is relatively an unknown name in the UPI Payments space dominated by behemoths like Google, PhonePe, Paytm etc. KhaaliJeb aspires to make Payments & Banking for Youth – Simple, Fast & Extra Rewarding. It’s a bootstrapped startup founded by 5 IIIT Allahabad college friends – Prakash, Tahir, Sudhanshu, Wilson & Aman. They started working on KhaaliJeb from the last semester of their college. Later during the Journey, Sumit, Pratham, Vishal and Rahul joined as Founding Team Members. KhaaliJeb app is currently available only on Google Play Store and it can be downloaded from here.

Currently you can perform basic UPI Payment features like Send Money to contacts, UPI ID, Account & IFSC etc., Link multiple bank accounts, Scan UPI QR at nearby merchants etc. They have tried providing a faster and smoother overall UPI payment experience. 

A few months back, KhaaliJeb has launched a Discount Program for Students & Youth in Bengaluru. Youth of other cities can join the waitlist of the Discount Program. 

The interesting part of the Discount Program is that only the people below the age 29 can become a member, and avail Flat Discount. Currently the membership is free of cost. You might have seen upto 50% Discount Red & Yellow vibrant posters of KhaaliJeb in the hustling streets of HSR, Koramangala & other localities of Bengaluru. Discount Program is currently live in two categories: Restaurants & Salons. Most of the well-known Restaurants, Salons, Waffle Joints, Cafes, Pizza Places etc. are offering exclusive discounts on the platform trying to tap the young community. The average discount value is around 25-30%, and at some outlets they are offering even Flat 50% discount. 

To redeem a Discount, you need to visit a partner restaurant or salon. At the time of payment, you have to ask the merchant for the total amount. Select the particular Merchant on the app, enter the total bill amount, and you will see the discount will be automatically applied. Pay the Discounted Amount and it’s done. 

KhaaliJeb doesn’t offer cashbacks, points, vouchers, 1 on 1 kind of discounts. They believe in offering Discount in the simplest form i.e. Flat % Discount. Your bill is Rs 1000, Merchant is offering 30% discount, you will have to Pay Rs. 700. 

The overall UI/UX of the app is quite appealing, easy & intuitive. It’s quite simple to redeem a discount. The main features of the app can be easily spotted and understood.   

KhaaliJeb currently has over 27k downloads on Play Store. KhaaliJeb has not spent anything on marketing as the whole journey has been bootstrapped till now. The app found initial traction with founders occasionally going out on busy streets of Koramangala & HSR talking to Students, Youth, & Early Corporates, telling them about the app.

KhaaliJeb is currently looking to raise seed funding to expand the team and to focus on the growth of the app. In the next one year they want to launch the Discount Program in two more cities – Delhi & Pune. A few of the Banking Products like Micro Savings, Micro Credits etc. targeted at Youth would be introduced in the app. By offering these products KhaaliJeb is building a verified community of Students & Youth. Brands can access the community through the app and market their Product & Service to them. The journey seems tough and challenging as it would be an extremely uphill task to compete with giants like Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe etc.

KhaaliJeb app is currently available only on Google Play Store and it can be downloaded from here.



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