Google officially announces Android P beta; releases list of supported phones

In I/O 2018 developer conference, Google announced tons of new features coming to the upcoming Android P. Another bit of good news: for the first time, the beta will not be limited to Google’s own devices. The company announced Android P would be available for testing on flagships from seven other companies – OnePlus, Essential, Vivo, Nokia, Sony, Oppo, and Xiaomi – most of them as soon as today. With the launch of Android P public beta program, you can sign up for the beta program.
Sign up for Android P Beta here.

Supported Phones

These are the compatible models:
• All the Google Pixel phones
• Essential PH-1
• Nokia 7 Plus
• Xiaomi Mi Mix2S
• Oppo R15 Pro
• Sony Xperia Z2
• Vivo X21UD
• Vivo X21
All of these phones users can download and flash the beta right now. Most of the devices cannot download the beta via an over-the-air update. You may have to wipe your device and flashing the Android P image manually.
However, please note that you cannot simply downgrade to Android Oreo if you encounter some problem, you will have to wipe the device.

Some added features

1. Display cutout

Google has added Display Cutout support to Android P. Developers can build apps that automatically work around any cutouts, without having to worry about important information or navigation features being hidden by the cutout.

2. Video and Image

Google is adding support for HDR VP9 Profile 2 and HEIF for developers to integrate into their apps. The same goes for a new Multi-Camera API that is for devices with dual rear-facing cameras or dual front-facing cameras.

3. Play store guidelines

Google is taking steps to ensure developers are not using private APIs when developing apps. All apps submitted to the Google Play Store will need to target Android Oreo or newer.


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