Top 10 best and free Photo Editing Apps for Android smartphones

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In today’s world, everyone uses their smartphone to click pictures. While buying a phone everyone wants to have best-preloaded features in the given price segment. So in a world full of awesome camera phones, there are many photo editing apps available in the market to improve the picture quality. Anyone who has just bought an Android phone and are searching for an app that enhances your picture quality: so shutterbugs-here’s a list of best photo editors available in the market. We checked different modes and photography environments to test and compile our list of best photo editors from a large number of editors available in the Play Store.

A large number of photo editing apps were downloaded by us and care was taken that each one of them has their own essence- a unique feature of satisfying users. So here we have compiled our list of top 10 best photo editing apps available in the market and you can download some of them as per your choice to take your photo editing skills to the next level.


At times, using a separate photo editing app gets tiring for the user. Who likes to do the same work twice? Instagram realised this problem a long ago and it added a suite of editing tools including simple filters and effects for your pictures.This app lets the users adjust saturation, contrast, sharpness, shadows and much more. This app is simple to use for users and is so successful that one can easily find the filters used in the final picture just by looking at them.


Our next app, Snapseed is a Google-owned photo editing app that gives support for both JPG and RAW format pictures.This turns out to be a useful feature if you want to edit pictures shot with a DSLR. The app is simple to use and comes with a large number of cool features such as the ability to adjust levels and curves.This app lets you select eight control points on an image and apply enhancements to each one of them selectively. The app allows blurring a part of an image and correct underexposed parts of an image.


Our third app on this list, Vsco is an amazing photo editing app for iPhone and Android, but it takes some time for the users to get used to its working. This app also boasts all the editing features found in the facebook owned-Instagram. This app offers a range of filters as compared to Instagram and has a great reputation among the community of smartphone photography enthusiasts who often shows their photo editing skills using this app.


The next name in our list is Autodesk’s Pixlr. It is a pretty good app for basic photo editing and is my own personal recommendation. This app comes with a neat interface. It is easy to find effects and filters and apply them. Another useful tool that caught our eye is “Pixelate” that allows the user to easily blur out any part of the image. The app comes with easy to apply and use terms and keys such as “Brighten” and “Darken”. http://9AppsAPK .com

APUS Camera

This camera app suits people who require basic editing. It works well with casual users of photo editing apps. The app comes with not so fancy UI but is loaded with features like a collage, makeup and filters. It also has a feature that lets you click a picture and on the basis of the clicked shot tells the age and gender of the person, thus adding to the fun part!


The next app in our list is Aviary.It has an attractive user interface and comes with great tools in its available package.Apart from the usual enhancement and makeup editing tools, it allows the users to add frames and stickers to their pictures as well. The user interface is nice, another reason to give it an upper hand over other editors. It also has a one-tap “Enhance” feature that itself performs some level of colour correction, basic brightness control and saturation adjustments to the selected picture. This app makes it easy for the user to doodle on the picture.

Lens Distortions

Lens Distortions is an unusual app that lets the user add some amazing effects to their photos.Effects like source, fog and even rain can be added to the pictures easily.The effects added to the edited pictures look very real. The app even lets the user add layers to stack up several effects for heavy editing in the same picture.It is a free app but includes in-app purchases for using premium effects. The Beta Android version of this app is available in the market for the users.


Another app on our list is Prisma. It turns any normal photo into awesome artwork illustration. The app comes with a range of modern-day filters and effects. The app uses the styles of world famous artist and ornament patterns such as Munk, Picasso etc. Prisma is in itself a unique combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence which helps to transform phone captures into unique artworks.

PicsArt Photo Studio: Collage Maker and Photo Editor

This app comes with a complete package of all the features that are required to make a picture awesome. The complete package aids the user to make collage and grids, tools for editing picture and personalized sticker and meme maker. The app also ensures faster and better editing options to share with friends. PicsArt also comes with a rapidly evolving set of AI powered-Prisma-style effects. It is a must-have app for all the photo editors.

Adobe Photoshop

Last but not the least, in our list of apps we have Adobe Photoshop. Though some basic skills and idea is required for using this app but once mastered, it adds value to one’s portfolio. With great features and a range of creative apps like Indesign, Aftereffects etc. available from the house of Adobe, the creative cloud feature ensures better connectivity among its users. So, on a professional note, if anyone wants to go for photo editing, Adobe Photoshop solves the purpose.

So, this is our compiled list of all the best photo editing apps available in the market. Hope it works for you and fulfils all the needs.