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Forget 4K TV; LG announces first 8K 88-inch OLED TV

LG has announced the first 88-inch 8K OLED panel. This is the biggest mass produced display on the planet based on OLED technology.

OLED technology is dominated by Samsung (period), it looks like LG has a step ahead of Samsung. LG is the first manufacturer to announce 88-inch TV with 8K resolution. In fact, the second biggest TV commercially available TV with OLED technology came with 77-inch and 4K resolution. So, for 2018 this is going to be the golden standard of television.

As Samsung is shifting from OLED to QLED (quantum dot technology) LG will be the only remaining leader, when it comes to OLED TV. LG will also be the sole supplier of these panels for Sony and Panasonic TV manufacturing companies.

The mass production of these panels has begun and the only remaining thing is the fact that, these brands should come up with the customer-centric products in the near future. Do note that at least for next few years these TVs will not come cheap and one has to spend a fortune to own one. We might be able to see some TVs based on these panel in the upcoming CES 2018.

Content creators are stepping up their game by creating most of the content in 4K and HDR. To note that creating content on 4K HDR requires specialised hardware and creating 8K content has not yet begun. So, these televisions have to come with specialised software to upscale the 1080p and 4K content to 8K content to improve the overall user experience.

If we take a wild guess, the TVs featuring this panel are likely to cost anywhere between $4000 to $10,000 depending on the extra configuration that the OEM packs with the display. In the real world, this is the cost of Apple’s costliest Apple iMac Pro, which packs in the 5K display with server class CPU and GPU.

So, whats your view on 8K display technology? Is this the next level display technology that we are all waiting for? You people know where to comment right?

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