Google App new beta update adds Note Switching Feature

Google App

Google is now rolling out updates for its Google App a constant pace. A significant update being landed only a few days before. Now the latest update seems like a sign that the developers have nearly done all the work. Since now the addition of new updates seems to be slowing down. Now a new update for the Google’s flagship app have been releasing. This update will see some small visual tweaks, but nothing else too major. The update will allow users to choose their own services for lists and notes that will be taken by Google Assistant. The new update will also provide users the ability to trim the silence from podcasts. The update will also include a small follow-up regarding Google Doodles.

Whats new in the updates for Google App:

Following the launch of Google Assistant, the users have to switch their shopping list from Google Keep to Google Express. This caused a lot of trouble to many users. Now with new updates rolling out soon, the users will get the options for taking notes and lists using the Assistant. Users will get a new menu that would appear right under the Services list in Settings. Users will be able to select a default provider like Google Keep or any other app for taking the notes by asking Assistant to “make a note”.

According to a teardown that showed up some interesting Doodle related hints. Now with the new updates, users are likely to get the Doodles appearing at the Google Search box in the app. This will be much like the Gboard users seeing the recommendation row from time to time. The update will also users to turn off this feature if they don’t like it. For doing so Google is also adding a new settings page and a new toggle for just this option.


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