Google’s 3rd Gen Chromecast out in the stores before the launch

Image Source: Google

Google’s Chromecast latest and 3rd-Gen device was witnessed to be sold to a user from the BestBuy store in the US.

Third-Gen Chromecast Up for Sale Even Before Release, Launch Expected on October 9

Google’s next big event is scheduled for October 9 to unveil, their all-new Google Pixel 3. This event will possibly introduce the market with a couple of more new hardware. That would include the all-new Google Smart Home Hub speakers with a display integrated as well as the next gen of Chromecast. A new story has emerged out in the market where a buyer in the US was found to purchase the new Google’s Chromecast at a BestBuy Store.


  • A user bought the upcoming Chromecast in the US
  • It has a slightly modified design compared to the current model
  • Google’s hardware event is scheduled for October 9

Reddit user GroveStreetHomie shared his experience of what he received while he purchased the Chromecast and received the latest 3rd Gen & posted an unboxed shot of what seems like a Chromecast dongle with a different design compared to the currently available 2nd-gen model.

According to the user, the packaging and design seemed to be different from the 2nd-gen Chromecast. “I thought it was just a design refresh taking queues from the Chromecast Ultra.” The user notes that the new model is slightly thicker, no longer has a glossy top, and the Chrome logo has been changed with a small Google logo. It still has a Micro-USB port for charging.

All of this was okay, but the fact which took the enthusiasts were how did the person purchase it even before its launch.

“They couldn’t scan the item because it wasn’t in the system yet because the release date is on the 9th of October (Same day as the 2018 Google event) but I guess they put it out too early. But since I already had it in my hand and was the same price as the 2nd generation Chromecast, they let me have it under the old SKU.”

Another user on the thread posted a photo of the new retail boxes of the 3rd-generation Chromecast is available on shelves, however, the location was not mentioned. Apart from that, the original poster claimed that user was unable to set up to the device as the Google Home app required an update that has expectedly not been released yet.

The new Chromecast is expected to come with Bluetooth support. All other details such as pricing and availability will be cleared at the event on October 9.


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