Microsoft discontinues Groove Music app for Android and iOS

Groove Music

Last year, Microsoft shut down its Groove Music service for all platforms. Now, it seems that the company is finally retiring its Android and iOS apps for the service too. Microsoft has changed the name of its streaming music service several times over the years. In the beginning, it was Zune Music, then it becomes as Xbox Music in 2012. Finally, in the year 2015, it becomes Groove Music. The service’s store was shut down last year by the company. However, the app still allowed users to play MP3 files uploaded to the OneDrive.

Whats next for Groove Music users:

According to a support document by the company, the iOS and Android apps for the service will stop working from December 1, 2018. However, the company provides some relief to its users as their music files will still be available through OneDrive. According to the company, this will not affect the available apps for Windows 10, Xbox and Windows Phone.

The music subscription service was discontinued by the company in 2017. Users were however still able to play music from the OneDrive storage. The company was also encouraging its users to transfer to Spotify as an alternative. It also allows users to move their playlist and music collections to the premium music streaming app.


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