Saikat Guha from Patna leads US research in quantum tech

Image Source: University of Arizona

Saikat Guha from Patna, Bihar has been appointed the director of the Center for Quantum Networks (CQN) under the University of Arizona.

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Image Source:University of Arizona

Indians have always been special in maths and science. Maybe the rigorous preparation for entrance exams like JEE develops the mind of Indian teenagers like no other. All the top positions in the MNC’s or the tech field research teams have mostly been occupied by the Indians.

There is a feeling of pride when something like this happens. Another feeling of pride for us. A man from Patna named Saikat Guha has been appointed as the director of a research team named CQN. This team is probably going to do some groundbreaking discoveries in the future.

We are talking about quantum computing. Quantum computing is slowly and steadily coming into the limelight and the government is now focusing a lot financially to conduct more research in this field.

The CQN has been awarded a research project worth more than¬† $26 million. The team’s mission is to develop a whole new internet. The fundamentals of this internet would be solely on quantum bits and not the 1’s and 0’s which we use.

So who is Saikat, Saikat is the son of Prof S N Guha, former vice-chancellor of Aryabhatta Knowledge University. Saikat completed his schooling and his B.Tech degree from St Micheal’s High School and IIT Kanpur. He then did his Masters and Ph.D. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Saikat Guha
Image Source: Google

What can we achieve??

Saikat has been asked about his thoughts on what this quantum research team will be able to achieve in the upcoming years. He says quantum-enabled sensors will be more sensitive than classical ones. Saikat said there will be a drastic improvement in research to look for cancer cells, sensors on low-Earth-orbit satellites, and magnetic field sensors used for positioning and navigation.

He also pointed out how hackers can easily hack any system with some low efforts in this current form of internet. The level of security which will be achieved by Quantum computing will never ever be achieved by today’s internet.

Not only security but the computational powers of a quantum computer is so huge that last year a quantum computer was able to compute what the world’s current fastest supercomputer couldn’t.

We have just started exploring quantum computing and we have already beaten the world’s fastest supercomputer. Imagine what greatness humanity can achieve once we unleash the true power of quantum computing.

Talking about the CQN team, it will consist of the best scientists, engineers, and social scientists. They will team up with Harvard, MIT, and Yale University to work on the core hardware technologies for quantum networks and create an entrepreneurial ecosystem for tech transfer.




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