London Climate Change protesters toss red paint onto Brazilian embassy over violence against indigenous’ rights

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London, August 13: Climate change protesters on Tuesday tossed red paint onto the embassy of the Brazilian government in London to demonstrate against harm to the Amazon rainforest and what they depicted as savagery against indigenous individual groups living there.

Two activists from the Extinction Rebellion gathering climbed onto a glass canopy over the passage of the embassy, and two others stuck themselves to the windows, according to Reuters news reports.

Red imprints and dashes of red paint could be seen everywhere throughout the veneer, just as trademarks, for example, “No More Indigenous Blood” and “For The Wild”.

Extinction Rebellion, which caused a widespread disturbance in focal London for half a month sooner this year, said the protesters meant to challenge the Brazilian government over “state-sanctioned human rights abuses and ecocide”.

The gathering stated the protest was planned to agree with a march demonstration by indigenous ladies in Brasilia on Tuesday, and that comparative moves were taking place at the Brazilian administrative offices in Portugal, Spain, Chile, Switzerland, and France.

The Brazilian embassy in London couldn’t be immediately reached for a request to comment.


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