Israeli PM Nentanyahu to visit India, meet PM Modi on September 9

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New Delhi, July 22: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to make an official visit to India on September 9 in order to hold a meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, eight days ahead of unprecedented parliamentary repeat elections in the Jewish nation.

According to Economic Times news reports, Netanyahu is currently struggling a tough political challenge as the opinion polls have depicted flagging fortunes for his ruling party, Likud.

“The (Israel’s) Prime Minister will be in India only for a few hours on September 9 during which he will be meeting Modi. No other significant meeting is yet on the cards but something may be worked out during the coming days, possibly a business meeting,” according to sources which told PTI.

In an opinion piece, “Netanyahu’s Out of Luck, but He’s Hoping a Photo-op with India’s Modi Will Help”, Ha’aretz journalist Yossi Verter has recently argued Netanyahu must pave a way to bounce back who is fighting for his political and personal survival days before heading to the state prosecution over several graft charges.

He wrote the Jerusalem’s PM office is said to have contact with their Indian counterparts and asked for an invitation. He further wrote the prime minister will land in New Delhi, hold a meet, have photographs with Modi, and further market his visit as “very important” for economic and security interest.

Sources reported the Indian prime minister office (PMO) had suggested the week of August 25 for Netanyahu’s visit but the Israeli side had pushed for an early September visit.



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