North Korea conducts super-large multiple rocket launcher test under Kim Jong-Un’ supervision

North Korea slammed the US

Seoul, Sep 11: North Korea has conducted a test of super-large multiple rocket launcher under the supervision of leader Kim Jong-un, state-run KCNA media reported on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, the South Korean officials said Pyongyang fired a new round of short-range missile, hours after expressing willingness to relaunch denuclearization negotiations with the United States.

Kim claimed the rocket launcher’s capabilities have been finally “verified in terms of combat operation”, and what continues to be completed with the launcher is a “running fire test”, the KCNA said, without offering further information over the test.

Kim ordered the officials – who joined him, different ways to “steadily” look for cutting-edge national defence. Kim was also accompanied by top-level officials, as well as, Kim Yo Jong, the leader’s sister, KCNA reported.

While experts said North Korea conducts weapons tests for a scope of purposes, including specialized improvement and consolation for the resistance foundation, Tuesday’s dispatches seemed to have been coordinated to make an impression on Washington, for example, what may occur if the United States doesn’t come to chats with North Korea with practical recommendations.

US President Donald Trump and the North Korean leader this year held their historic bilateral summit aimed in Hanoi but ended abruptly due to both leaders’ difference as Trump stressed over Kim’s last year commitment to denuclearize the Koran peninsula but Kim focused over


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