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President Donald Trump Voices Opinion Regarding Russia’s Re-Entry to the G8

As President Donald Trump headed on his way to attend the G7 summit in Quebec, he made an astonishing statement announcing that he wished Russia would have been allowed to attend the summit, thereby making G8 whole again. In his statement to the reporters, President Trump declared that even though it had been a fair decision to throw Russia out of the G8 and form their own G7 back in the day, it was time to let that go. President Trump thus announced that whether they liked it or not, they had a world to run, and this world could never be run in harmony without the attendance of Russia at the G8 negotiation table.

Despite continuous approaches towards his allies, trying to persuade them into re-inviting Russia to their Group, German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke for all the other leaders of the EU when she announced that it was not yet time for Russia to re-join the bloc. The country had been kicked out of the G8 with the approval of Obama Administration back in 2014 as a repercussion of Russia annexing Crimea, and as Chancellor Merkel pointed out, the EU didn’t want Russia back into their bloc unless their relationship with Ukraine had been sorted out in peace.

After the summit, which ended on a rather bad note, President Emmanuel Macron of France took to Twitter to announce that if President Trump did not stop making unreasonable demands, the other 6 countries of the G7 would have no problem in signing their own agreement with the exclusion and complete isolation of the US, if need be. Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte then took a stance against France on Twitter by showcasing his public support towards President Trump’s intentions of letting Russia enter the G8 again.

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