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Wondering what career options await you after Law Degree?


If you thought that law degree can only lead you to one designation which is being a barrister or a solicitor, then brace yourself for a surprise. Law is an umbrella term that encompasses many variants and hence offers a lot more than just the regular legal profession posts.

Not only can you look into different career choices but you can also try out various sectors where your degree will be useful. Let’s have a look at all the gateways that studying LLB subjects can open for you 

  1. Company secretary: This profile might be different than your usual law job but it is certainly an interesting one. The profile requires you to make sure that your company adheres to legal and financial specifications. You will also serve as the link between directors, shareholders and executive management. While you won’t be asked for hard-core legal advice, you will certainly hold an important and strategic position in the company. 
  2. Detective: the job might not be as cool as Sherlock Holmes but it certainly has its share of excitement. You will not only be called to solve perplexing murders but also uncover financial frauds, property thefts and also occurrences pertaining to national security. There would be professional learning given for this purpose before you are taken on by any specialist unit.
  3. Property Lawyer: buying and selling properties is a big deal and requires a lot of paper and monetary transaction. As a property lawyer, you are required to break down the technical and legal terminologies of the work for the client’s understanding. Other responsibilities also include protecting client from any potential fraud and serving their best interest. If real estate interests you in anyway then this can make for a great career choice.
  4. Lecturer: another very different yet promising career option after acquiring a law degree is that of a lecturer. If you are fond of teaching and wish to shape young minds then you can choose this particular profession. It is a given though that you need to be proficient in the subject before you can teach at a law school. 
  5. Writer: this addition might sound a bit strange on the list but writing is a highly sorted profession pursued by law students. Legal memoranda and analysis of legal issues are documents that are part of legal writing. If you are good with words and equipped with legal knowledge then this can be a good career choice. 
  6. Legal Journalist: if you are curious by nature and like to get to the heart of a matter then you will certainly make for a good journalist. Furthermore, your legal education puts you at a favourable place to cover legal proceedings and arbitration events. The job is enthralling and also highly rewarding. 

The bottom line is that by taking up law you open yourself to a vast number of opportunities. As a qualified law student, there is no shortage of options that you can avail and make a career out of.

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