What is a smart TV and what are its features?

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Are you still watching those boring shows on your TV set? Do you still rely on your idiot box (TV) just with the limited number of shows? If yes, then you are surely in need of this article.

Gone are the days to compromise with your entertainment with the use of your traditional sets. It is the time of getting smart and buying a smart TV for unlimited scope and options for entertainment.

Well, there are many options for smart TV available in the market which really can be confusing. This brings us to mention one of the most important needs to be fully entertained and that is choosing the right smart TV. Therefore, it is important to have an idea about what exactly is a smart TV and what all features can it offer to you.

If this seems interesting, let us begin to know your smart TV a little better.

What is a smart TV?

Smart TV, which is also known as connected TV, is an advanced TV set that comes with the connectivity of the Internet and interactivity. Other than offering Internet connectivity, smart TVs are also storage aware specialized TV sets with a wide scope of entertainment. 

In simple words, smart TV gives you access to the content and entertainment world beyond the scope of TV channels.

With time, smart TVs are now being transformed even with their design. Now, you can find several options of slim, ultra-slim, etc. smart TV sets available in the market to choose from. No matter what type of smart TV you need, you can easily find the same in today’s time and that too at an affordable price range.

Now, when we are done knowing about our smart TV, let us get down mentioning some of the most amazing features that it can offer to its users. Interested?  Let us start!

Features of smart TV:

Just like your smartphone, your smart TV can also deliver you with some very amazing Internet-connected services and features.

Here are some of the highlighted features that you can get from a smart TV over your traditional TV system:

  1. Web browsing:

One of the best features of a smart TV is its web browsing facility. Most of the smart TVs are enabled with an in-built web browser that allows its users to stay connected with the Internet at all times without any hassles and inconvenience.

Thanks to this feature, the users can get access to their favorite web shows, web series, web pages, etc. just from the comfort of their own space. With web browsing, you can transform your TV from just being an idiot box to a full entertainment package.

  1. Social Media:

Who in today’s time not addicted to social media? Be it a small kid or a grown-up, they all are spending most of their time on the various social media platforms.

Wouldn’t it be great, if your smart TV can give you the required access to the various social media platforms without any hassles?

Yes, smart TVs can offer its users with all the accessibility of their social media platforms. This means, there is no need to move from one room to another or to switch on your computer to be active on your social accounts. Your smart TV has got it all just for you.

  1. On-demand TV:

Was it possible to even imagine getting on-demand TV benefits from your traditional TV, a few years ago? Well, certainly no!

Now, coming to the present time, can you now imagine getting on-demand TV accessibility? Well, yes and all thanks to our very own smart TV.

On-demand TV is one of the attractive features of a smart TV that allows the users to watch their favorite show as and when they want. It brings watching TV with the convenience of your time and space.

Do you know what it means? You will never miss any single episode of your favorite show.


  1. YouTube:

Whether, it is a night stay with your friends to binge-watch, or catching up your favorite web series or even watching a tutorial, everything will look brilliant on the big screen. Isn’t it?

Thanks to smart TV, you can access YouTube very easily on its big screen without the need to connect it with your laptop or desktop. Having the accessibility to YouTube through your smart TV is really a savior In the present time.

  1. Smart Gaming:

If you are a gamer, then a smart TV is something that can surely impress you. Smart TV is your way to enjoy all your favorite games without any difficulties. The available RAM ensures that the users can enjoy all their favorite shows without much delay or waiting.

With smart TV you can host a game night or can play all your favorites and modern board games without any difficulties and problems. The gamer inside you will love the experience of witnessing all the graphics on the big screen of your smart TV.

  1. The app game:

Believe it or not, but our world has become limited to some of the apps. We have apps for everything we need – weather, games, entertainment, food, music, etc.

Do you know, you can get access to all these apps and much more without even leaving your space? 

Wondering how? Thanks to your smart TV.

Thanks to the smart TV of recent times, you can get easy and convenient access to all the essential apps without compromising your comfort and luxury. 

Isn’t it simply great? 

  1. Photo slideshow:

Wouldn’t it be great if you can relive all your precious moments and memories on your TV’s big screen? With a smart TV, it actually can be a reality.

You just simply need to connect your smartphone or video camera with your TV and you are all done. You can play all your favorite photos and videos right from your phone on your TV screen. There are many smart TVs, available in the market, which is enabled with Bluetooth connectivity to set up an easy connection with the required devices. 

Just be sure you are picking up the latest model which comes with Bluetooth connectivity for a hassle-free connection between the two devices. Moreover, you can also use and mix all your memorable snaps to create their slideshow and let everyone else enjoy witnessing it.


Smart TV is the future to transform the way we all have been watching television. Loaded with several benefits, services, and features, a smart TV has all the capabilities to be our best companion when getting bored. Smart TV is the need of the hour; don’t keep waiting and grab yours right now.

Say bye-bye to the old and traditional way of watching television and bring home the whole new experience of enjoying your favorite entertainment with a smart TV. Would you?

We are interested in knowing about your opinions, views, and experiences with your smart TV. Which of its features do you like the most? How do you make the most of your smart TV? Please comment below and let the world know what your smart TV means to you.



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