IIT-Madras students observe death anniversary of Ambedkar, appeal to read Ambedkar’s text to fight communalism

BR Ambedkar (image for representation)

It seems its not just the PM who is leveraging on sentiments related to BR Ambedkar as some of the students of IIT-Madras observed the 62nd death anniversary of BR Ambedkar. The participants requested the student-community to study his texts in order to fight the ‘communal forces’ in the country. They accused that there were several instances of violation of Constitutional norms.

A student told the gathering that Ambedkar’s thought was a solution to many socio-economic issues faced by the country’s people. “Every student must study Ambedkar’s texts to counter communal forces,” he said.

A 20-minute play ‘Idam’ (space) was performed on the campus to emphasize the inclusivity of space. “This space belongs to everyone irrespective of what one eats, believes or religion he belongs to”,” another student said.

The event was organised by Ambedkar Periyar Study Circle and ChintaBar, both independent student bodies recognized by the institute.

The event commemorated the death anniversary of B R Ambedkar and demolition of Babri Masjid. The event included cultural programmes and speeches by students, a student associated with APSC told, reported PTI.

“There is spread of hate politics in the country and as a student community, we want harmony over hatred. Tomorrow is the best way to express ourselves,” the student said.

A poster issued by the students said, “Resist the politics of hate. Celebrating constitutional values and upholding secularism. A cultural evening commemorating Ambedkar’s death anniversary.”

Last year, Ambedkar’s texts were read out by students on the campus to commemorate his death anniversary.


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