Mid-Day Meal Scheme: Regulations introduced, outlay of ₹12,054 crore for 2019-20; subsidy provided of ₹8,000 crore

mid-day meal scheme
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Few regulations have been introduced by the Cabinet Committee of Economic Affairs under the Mid-day Meal Scheme, that includes an outlay of ₹12,054 crore for the session 2019-20. Also, it has been reported that a subsidy of ₹8000 crore is also provided by the Department of Food and Public Distribution.

“This year cooking cost is enhanced…by ₹361 crore,” the government said in a release. “This will offset the impact of inflation on the food items under Mid Day Meal Scheme,” it added.

An amount of ₹10,000 per kitchen has also been allotted for making the necessary changes in the kitchens that are serving from the past 10 years.

It was found that ₹50 crore has also been allocated for the fortification of food items, for identifying and focussing on the problems of anemia and other micronutrient deficiencies.

The Financial assistance provided to the kitchens has been increased from ₹10,000 to ₹25,000, through this the old devices used by the kitchens can be replaced.

The Ministry of HRD has worked with States and UTs to implement a technology-based (SMS, IVRS & Mobile App) Automated Monitoring System by which information on attendance at the Mid Day Meal is collected every day from schools,” the government said. “At present, the level of daily uploading of data has reached 56% of all schools,” it added.

Looking at the inflation index of the country, which led to the cooking cost to increase per children to ₹4.35 per children and ₹6.51 per child per school day. Hence, the cost for the same has been enhanced by ₹361 crore.

It has been found that the States and UT’s have been given approval for consuming 5% of their Annual Work Plan and Budget for introducing new regulations and inventions, also for conducting creative innovations.

The States and UT’s have been given the opportunity to consume pulses from the Central Buffer Stock provided by the Government for the Mid-Day Meal.

Currently, it has been observed that the uploading of data about the everyday activities in schools has reduced to 56%, in order to enhance it, MHRD introduced a technology-based Automated Monitoring System through which everyday attendance at Mid-day Meal shall be uploaded at all schools.


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