Deepika Padukone Confirms her Safety as Fire Breaks Out Above her Apartment in Worli Building

Deepika Padukone’s residence in the Beaumonde Towers in Dadar came threateningly close to being razed to the ground as a fire broke out a few levels above the actress’ complex. Over 90 residents had to be evacuated after a duplex apartment on the 33rd floor of the building was traced as the source of a huge fire which was thankfully contained by fire fighters between the 31st and 32nd floors of Tower B.

The fire department of Mumbai confirmed that Deepika had not been near her residential floor 26 or in her other office complex at the time the fire broke out. They later confirmed that they had succeeded to tame the fire, and thus it would not come to the event of affecting either Deepika’s home or the rest of the several celebrities who had their residential locations in one of the 34 floors in Towers at Appasaheb Marathe Marg.

About three hours after the havoc broke out in the Prabhadevi area with most citizens asking for reports about Deepika’s situation and her condition of her complex building, the actress finally decided to come to Twitter to assure her followers of the safety and security of both herself and her residence. In her tweet, Deepika stated that she was safe, and thanked everyone for their concern, but also pointed out that they all still needed to pray for over two dozen personnel from the fire department who were still risking their lives in the burning building to ensure proper dissolution of the blaze.


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