Sanjivani episode 91, written update, December 16: Asha presents Ishani with restraining order against Sid

The episode begins as Dr. Ishani slaps Dr. Sid for kissing her. Dr. Asha walks up to them, and humiliates Dr. Sid. Dr. Ishani is shocked. Dr. Sid tells Dr. Asha to not interfere with their relationship. Dr. Asha remembers Vardhan’s warning and breaks the hand cuffs that were holding Dr. Sid and Dr. Ishani together.

Vardhan is planning his next attack against Dr. Sid. Vardhan doesn’t have any personal rivalry with Dr. Sid but he will have to destroy his life to get his revenge against Dr. Shahshank. Dr. Sid goes home. His mother has just found out that because her debts they will soon have to vacate the house.

The next morning, Dr. Ishani tries to hide from Dr. Sid. Dr. Asha confronts Dr. Ishani and begins to humiliate her. She’s going to destroy Dr. Sid’s life if Dr. Ishani ever comes close to him. She’s going to spread vile rumors about him, and the whole world will blame him for ruining her life.

Dr. Ishani feels remorse for yesterday’s events but she won’t let Dr. Asha damage Dr. Sid’s life and career even further. Dr. Asha doesn’t believe her claims, and says if she wants to prove her promise, Dr. Ishani will have to sign the papers she presents to her. Dr. Ishani is shocked after reading the contents of the paper.

Tomorrow: Dr. Ishani gets a restraining order against Dr. Sid. The police arrest him for disobeying the orders.


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