After Pixel devices, Nokia 7 Plus & 6.1 Plus models to feature Digital Wellbeing

Image Source: Google

Nokia’s latest models, with the Android One both the 7 Plus & 6.1 Plus to feature the new Digital Wellbeing app Support

Google recently announced its anti-smartphone addiction app. This was added as a feature to the new Android Pie 9.0. Digital Wellbeing was announced at the same event of Google I/O.

Google was limiting the app to its devices (Pixel only) but the new Android Pie’s API, supported it and the feature became an integrated part, thereby, it was fairly easy to bring it to other devices like the Essential Phone or OnePlus 6.

What Android One program does is to bring their latest software updates to the devices with the software & this allowed the new Digital Wellbeing app to be supported on the devices with the latest Android Version 9.0. Now, HMD Global’s Chief Product Officer of Nokia products, Juho Sarvikashas announced that Digital Wellbeing is available for the Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 6.1 Plus.

Digital Wellbeing helps curb the users’ smartphone addiction through the use of greyscale to reduce down the users’ smartphone usage at night. DND (do not disturb) mode scheduling, app usage dashboards and timers, and a lot more.

It aims to help the users to get sleep on time while also identifying when they might use their smartphone too much.

HMD Global trying to maintain its standard and continue to raise Nokia’s Glory back

HMD Global’s commitment to updating their devices deserves a praise.

On the other end, Nokia has been very keen and developer friendly when it comes to bootloader unlocking or releasing kernel sources. Yet their commitment to timely software updates makes them truly stand out.

Image Source: Google

2 of their devices are already on Android Pie, which is more than some device makers can say.

Juho Sarvikas also says that Android Pie will be released to more devices soon, and we’re confident that “soon” really does mean soon in Nokia’s context here.

Image Source: Google

Users can download the new Digital Well-Being App, from Play Store for and see the app working immediately on their Nokia 7 Plus & 6.1 Plus models, like the new Pixel Devices.


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