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Spotify to soon get Siri Support


Spotify is now getting Siri support to play songs, albums, and playlists. The arrival of the latest version of iOS 13 has made it possible to finally use Siri to play Spotify content like albums and songs. Yes, you heard it right once you’ve installed the latest iPhone software update and you can merely ask Siri to play something “with Spotify.”

Its a major shift reported and Siri has also brought about an integration that Spotify users have been wanting for some time now.

Apple TV to get Spotify App for the first time and you can download it from the tvOS App Store. Additionally, Spotify is reportedly redesigning its app for iPads again, with all of these developments coming at a time when Apple is preparing to bring a significant evolution to its Siri digital assistant.

With new updates, Siri will work with the iPad, CarPlay, AirPods, and HomePod, in addition to iPhones.

All this major shift of Apple is a result that comes after Spotify pointed to issues it has with the way Apple operates its business, including the previous lack of Siri integration, when the streamer brought a series of complaints against Apple to the EU.

In contradiction to criticism that Apple unfairly favors its own service and Bloomberg reported last week that Apple is preparing a software update that will support Siri defaulting to the messaging app that users prefer and rely on most frequently not necessarily to Apple’s proprietary iMessage app. The idea is that if a user prefers to communicate via something like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, that’s the app Siri would launch automatically instead of iMessage.

According to Apple:

“In the few categories where Apple also has an app, we have many successful competitors and we’re proud that their success is responsible for almost 2 million US jobs in a thriving multibillion-dollar market for developers. Our North Star is always to create the best products for our customers and that is why iPhone has the highest customer satisfaction in the industry.”

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