Battlefield 5 ‘War In Pacific’ Reveal Trailer Arrives on October-23

Battlefield 5 war of pacific

Back in June, EA and Dice hinted the fans that they are planning a move to the pacific battles with Battlefield 5, when they offered the fans with glimpses of what’s next to come. However, no further details were unveiled back then as the trailer only showcased an American and Japanese soldier fistfighting for only a few seconds before the trailer ended. But now, a new teaser was just released confirming that the next update coming to the title is ‘War In Pacific’. Moreover, a reveal trailer is also arriving on October 23rd.

However, the teaser is very brief but we can pretty much guess that it is going to take place in the Pacific theatre of the Second World War. Moreover, DICE’s updated Battlefield 5 roadmap suggests three new maps for Chapter 5 including Iwo Jima alongside the United States and Japanese factions. We can also expect new weapons, gadgets, vehicles and more. For now, we’ll have to wait for another day i.e., October 23rd to see what’s in store for Battlefield 5 fans.


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