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Fortnite v11.11 update adds Harpoon Gun to the game

Fortnite new harpoon gun

On October 13th, Fortnite Season 10 officially ended. After being nothing but a black hole for a couple of days, Fortnite returned for a new Chapter 2 with a brand new map, improvements, and new features. Fishing was one of the major improvements that Epic introduced with Chapter 2. Fishing offers players an opportunity to get their hands on some fantastic loot and the best healing items including the rare Mythic goldfish. With the recent v11.10 update, Epic added the ability to fish for floor loot. And now, similar to the earlier update, Fortnite has received the v11.11 update without Epic releasing any patch notes. The latest update adds Harpoon Gun to the game.

Ever since the new Chapter 2 started, this is the second update that has arrived without any patch notes. Therefore, we don’t know what changes Epic has introduced. However, the new Harpoon Gun has surely been added with this update. The Harpoon Gun can be found in chests, supply drops, and as floor loot. Moreover, the new weapon can be used for both fishing and combat. Here are the new Harpoon Gun’s basic features:

  • Damage to players: 75
  • Damage to builds: 150
  • Shots: 10
  • Reload time: 1.4 seconds


As for the other updates, here are some changes a Twitter post has managed to list down:




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