ULTRAKILL: A pixelated gore-thirsty DOOM shooter

ULTRAKILL Steam best pc game

ULTRAKILL is an ultra-violent fast-paced DOOM-like FPS with Devil May Cry like style meter. In it, you kill demons from hell. Foes galore, and an array of bosses are present in the various levels of hell. The levels in the game are designed as per the nine circles of hell in Inferno by Dante.

Gore, guts and blood defines the postulate of ULTRAKILL. All of that encapsulated in a retro arcade style game where your score depends on a Devil May Cry-type style system. So, try to get the kills fast as you can maneuver and as stylishly as you can ballet. It brings me to the most important point in the game – dance.

ULTRAKILL Doom Eternal Devil May Cry SSStylish

So dance, you might wonder? Yes you have to, don’t just stand there, or you’re gonna get hit in the face. So you have to juggle yourself around the map like in DOOM Eternal. Trying to drop the explosive and charged up blasts on the demons – jump to a corner of the map and hit RMB. That is the fundamental of ULTRAKILL.

After the beginning stages, you’ll usually have to clear multiple stages and bring the skulls to the doors to open them. But ULTRAKILL manages to stay fun with its amazing level design and socially unacceptable music scores. The visuals, the sound design, the hell-dance – I love it! Oh, and did I mention you have to punch demons to get your health back?

Number 1 highest rated game on Steam - ultrakill

ULTRAKILL is the #1 positively rated game on Steam. As well as deserves a lot of more traction as it’s a really good time and demon-killing, blood-splattering action game. It’s currently available on Steam for only Rs 529 in India and $20 in the US on Steam.