YouTube’s new integration of MiniPlayer Button is rolling out for all desktop users

YouTube' new MiniPlayer integration will the feature for the YouTube addicts to even get more flexible with the website YouTube is now rolling out the...

Signify to offer upto 250 Mbps internet speed using LiFi lighting

Signify, formerly Philips Lighting that produces Hue-branded smart lights has announced its commercial LiFi, or Light Fidelity, systems in the near future, after finishing a...

Intel’s Cyclone Peak launched as Wifi 6 AX 200

Intel has launched their Wi-Fi 6 capable AX200 module using the M.2 2230 form factor. On January 28, we...

Google Celebrates Earth Day 2019 with Doodle

The 22 April of every year, is marked as Earth Day. On this occasion, Google Doodle is taking people across the planet to take...

Google launches Question Hub to answers unanswered queries

Google Question Hub will collect unanswered queries on the search engine, sort them by topic and provide it to the publishers. Google’s Question Hub...
Google India first

Google to limit Political Ads with updated policies

A few days ago Twitter announced that the company is banning political advertising and today Google also joined that list. Google announced in its...
Google Maps

Fake GPS apps on Play Store deceiving users

Despite Google's attempts to weed out apps that might pose a threat to the privacy and security of the users, various apps keep popping...

Microsoft to improve and make Incognito Mode on Windows 10 more secure

Microsoft seems to be working on an interesting new feature that could improve user privacy when running Chromium-based browsers, such as Microsoft Edge and...
Google under E.U regulations

Google faces $57 million fine from France for violating E.U’s data-privacy rules

French data regulator CNIL has fined Google $57 million over a breach of the EU's data protection rule. The amount of the penalty makes...

Indian Government tightening rules to Curb Pirated Contents Online

The Indian government, in an attempt to formally regulate Internet businesses within the country, has released a new draft on Saturday dealing with piracy, which...