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In conversation with Jaipur Photographers’ Club Founders Anil & Ramakant

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Jaipur's well known photography club, Jaipur Photographers' Club has achieved some great milestones and its just a start. Have a look at exclusive interview with founder Anil Khuabni and member Ramakant sharda.

Not just Jaipur, but whole of Rajasthan has contributed in almost every field of ancient and modern India. Be it the “veer” like Maharanas or shooters like Rajyavardhan. Be it Sagarmal Gopa as a freedom fighter or Irrfan Khan as an internationally recognized actor, we have a long list of renowned names. But then there comes a situation when people from Rajasthan migrate to other states seeking better facilities, however not all do that. Today, we bring to you the interview of 2 such people who have loved this land so much, that they decided to give back staying here. Today, when JPC turned 5, we’re talking to the founder of Jaipur Photographers’ Club and one of its members.

Its an Interview with Anil Khuabni and Ramakant sharda in context with Jaipur Photographers’ Club. Lets hear from them how they are building it in Jaipur itself and what stones they have already turned.

Anil Khuabni was a Sales & Marketing Professional till a few years back. He stepped into field of Professional Photography 5 Years back and now runs a creative firm which is into Commercial/Professional Photography, Films & Designing. 

Ramakant Sharda is an iOS App publisher (I make games and apps for Apple iPhone and iPad) and do photography in my free time but a active member of JPC.

[Throwing first question to Anil Khuabni.] Q. Ramakant Sharda is doing Photography as a passion, however this is not his core profession. Anil you are the founder of JPC, How do you think that Photography is best profession for you?

A. Well, it all started as a Hobby and slowly and steadily turned into passion and profession. Photography is best profession for me because of few of the reasons:

First, as I said, It was my hobby and which slowly turned into passion. Then It gives me latitude to explore the things creatively. And most important it connects me to myself and flexibility of being on my own.

 Q. When and What made you find JPC? And I want to ask to Ramakant, how he came in this club?

A. [Anil] Well, there is quite a story behind this. I was based out in Gurgaon and working for a corporate house on a good position. Being a sportsperson, I was missing the zing in the concrete jungle of Gurgaon.

I had got into photography just as a hobby, and one fine day I decided to resign from my existing job and move back to Jaipur. While serving my notice period, a thought came into my mind that what would I do after going back to Jaipur. On the wee hours of a night, pat came the idea/thought of forming a Photo Club. First the thought was of forming a photography club, but then came the thought that the club is of and by people so it should be Photographers’ Club and added Jaipur as a prefix to that.

That’s how the Jaipur Photographers’ Club came into existence on 9th July’2010. As for the need for a club, back in 2010, not many people/photographers cared to share their experiences with others just out of the fear that the other person would learn the tricks of the trade. But, as I am the believer of the fact that knowledge increases when you spread and share it. So the idea/thought was to learn from each other and in turn promote photography as an art.

[Ramakant] I came to know about JPC 3 years back. I read about club’s 2nd annual exhibition in newspaper and got the number of Anil Ji and called him to know how to join the club.

[Question to Anil Khuabni] Q. So what you guys do in JPC? Is the club open for all? How can one join?

A.  JPC i.e. Jaipur Photographers’ Club is Photography Group in Jaipur. The Club is Open and free for all those who have inclination towards photography and for those who want to take photography seriously. The Club conducts Photo Walks, Workshops, Photo Tours and covers relevant Events and helps in Social Causes.

Q. Ramakant, you are in JPC from a long time, what growth you have seen in and out there?

In the last 3 years, number of members has grown from 3-4 to more than 100 active ones. The most important change is that members are constantly learning and polishing their skills and helping each other to grow.

Q. JPC is well recognized in Jaipur, you got a lot of coverage too. What achievements JPC hold?

JPC i.e. Jaipur Photographers’ Club is of course well recognized and one of the serious clubs which is into photography. The club is more of an informal than being formal and all the members are part of a family. We share quite a good camaraderie among ourselves.

All said and done the recognition of the club has been due to the continued pursuance and effort from each and every individual who is associated with it.

The philosophy that the club follows is that, we don’t do things to achieve something it is just that we put in best of our efforts and the achievements follow in an auto mode.

Just to name a few of the achievements:

4 Grand Successful Photo Exhibitions.

We are the first Club to come out with its Annual Calendar.

First club to successfully do Photo Projects and come out with its own Coffee Table Book for the consecutive 2 years.

We have conducted more than 100 Photo walks in last 5 Years.

More than 10 Photo Workshops and around 10 Photo Tours

We have also run more than 10 successful Photo Competitions. 

JPC at Central Park

Q. Coming back to person behind JPC, Anil Khuabni, What were the initial problems you personally faced in JPC?

A. 5 years before Photography as a hobby and as a profession was at a very nascent stage in Jaipur. People used to treat it as more of a hobby and not a full time profession.

Initially the photo walks that we used to conduct used to have 3 to 4 photographers but that didn’t deter our motivation, we continued to put in best of our efforts and slowly and steadily we were able to establish ourselves.

We were the first ones to conduct Photo Walks on the regular basis and all our events our regularly and that makes others to take us seriously.   

Q. In this long time of JPC, have you ever thought that you need to close this Club due to any reason? If so, Why?

A. Establishing anything is not easy in this world, one has to have commitment and patience to do so. And in a long journey one always faces high and ebbs. We would not say that this didn’t happen to us but we were strong enough to come out of it successfully. All the credit goes to the ones who are given a lot to this club and really care about the club.

 Q. Anil, What future do you see for young folks who are entering in Photography now?

There are always two sides to a coin. The scene of Photography in Jaipur is good as well as bad, let’s talk about the good things first. There are a few budding photographers in Jaipur.

Irrespective of age, they have grown quite a lot in the last few years. Regular events and photo walks by our club have prompted quite a few photography events by others and this in turn has helped in the development of Photography as a whole. We hear from the veteran and senior photographers that the Photo Exhibition culture which was lost in Jaipur has been revived by our club.

We have been organizing Annual Photo Exhibition for the last four years now. Also, we have been organizing two photo walks every month; this in turn has motivated the photographers and hence, has boosted photography. Calendar launch by a club is one of its first kinds in Jaipur. The professionalism has also developed in the last few years.

And the bad scene is that the digitization of cameras and its spread has made it possible for everyone to have a camera in their hands. People tend to believe that they have become photographers from the time they put their hands on a camera. It’s so easy, you just need to press a button and you are done.

People need to understand that photography is an art and they need to devote their time to learn this wondrous form of art, in the same way as one needs to devote time to learn a guitar or to paint or for that matter, anything. Can you name an art which can be learnt in a day?

There are many budding photographers who are keen to take photography as a profession. My only advice to them would be to be patient, learn and one day they would definitely reach their goals. They just need to be passionate and give their 100% without trying to attempt any short cuts. 

Jaipur Photography Club

Q. Well said Anil. So coming to Ramakant again, Which place you love to shoot around or in Jaipur?

A. I love to shoot rich heritage of Jaipur, actually I love to shoot anywhere because each place gives different subjects, challenges and prospective.

Q. Does JPC go on tours outside state?

A. No but we’ve gone to many places in Rajasthan, including the places around Jaipur.

Q. Tell us any funny moment you faced on any of your Photo walk or tours.

Fun is always involved in our photo walks and tours. There have been instances when some forget to bring the camera battery or to charge it. Some forget the HD or CF Card.

Q. Anil, What message would you like to give to the Amateur Photographers from your side?

There are no short cuts and one has to be very serious if they want to pursue Photography. Devote more time with camera in the field rather spending more time on their laptops or desktops.

Well It was a great day interviewing you guys, Thanks Anil and Ramakant. Best of luck for your Jaipur Photographers’ Club.

Here is the link to JPC’s Facebook Page.

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