Indefinite strike by Tamil Nadu’s govt doctors enter fifth day; demands include increase in salaries, appointment of more staff

Govt doctors protest in Tamil Nadu regarding low salaries and incentives

Chennai: The indefinite strike by the doctors affiliated to the Federation of Government Doctors Association (FOGDA) entered its fifth day on Tuesday. The doctors have been demanding an increase in salaries among other demands for more than two years, as stated by S Balakrishnan, convener of FOGDA.

“The government should immediately address our issue or we would be forced to discontinue the emergency services as well and the government would be responsible for that,” he said. Dr. Lakshmi Narsiman, Professor of Surgery, FOGDA stated that the entire matter doesn’t seem to be in the realm of the health department, hence the issue should be taken to a higher level. The main demands square measure that it is a world-known undeniable fact that the provincial health system is one in every of the best-run health systems in the entire country.

It is not solely the best system however it’s the most cost-effective system in the entire country. The central government doctors having less expertise than the United States, are paid higher salaries as compared to ours,” said Narsiman.
“This matter does not appear to be within the realm of the health department, it has to be taken to a higher level. It must be taken to the chief minister or a minimum of to the finance minister,” he added. Further stating the strain, Narsiman said that service quota for government doctors has been eradicated as many of the specialists and super-specialist doctors are not from Tamil Nadu.


“Nearly 90 percent of the super-specialist students are from different states and this will undercut the health system of this state,” said Narsiman. “Another demand is that we have requested the government to appoint doctors taking into consideration the number of outpatients and inpatients instead of the number of scholars into consideration.
We have conjointly requested a counseling session for all our appointments as well as for transfers,” said Narsiman.

Narsiman stated that as many as 17,000 doctors are participating in the indefinite strike. Earlier, protesting doctors, including 5 doctors World Health Organization is on a quick to death, started an indefinite strike on Friday to demand a raise in salaries, quota in medical education and appointment of more doctors among other demands.


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