PM Modi praises BJP, criticizes Congress at Rally in Bhopal

PM Modi came as a star campaigner for BJP for the upcoming state elections in Madhya Pradesh. He came along with party president Amit Shah and addressed around 10 lakh party workers in a rally called, ‘Karyakarta Mahakumbh’. He started his address by appreciating the enthusiasm among the BJP workers. He said that it is a matter of great pride that he has got the chance to serve the nation through a party like BJP, which is the world’s largest political party. Remembering Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyay,on whose 102nd birth anniversary the event was held, Mr. Modi said, “BJP has taken forward the work started by Deen Dayal Upadhyay and Atal Bihari Vajpayee. I am fortunate to have a chance to serve the people”. He also termed his party as “the most tolerant” and “has welcomed the ideology of Mahatma Gandhi, Upadhya and Syama ukherjee”. He also said that BJP identifies itself as ‘ektam manavvad’ (integral humanism). Seeking the inspiration from past leaders like A B Vajpayee and Vijayraje Scindia, he said that the party will keep on working for the welfare of this nation. Showing the confidence in his party he said, “No matter how much Congress malign us, the lotus will bloom all over the country”.

In a series of attacks on Congress, PM Modi brought up the Triple Talaq issue and said, “Despite the Congress party led by a woman it is the BJP who has shown solidarity with our Muslim sisters. Triple Talaq is even banned in Islamic nations. It was a part of Congress’ vote-bank politics”. He also accused UPA government of not supporting the BJP led states when it was in power at the center. He further hit out at Congress saying that it never worked for the welfare of Madhya Pradesh and said that unlike Congress , the BJP believes in developing the states to develop the nation. Calling on to the workers to rid the nation of vote bank politics, he said, “Vote bank politics has destroyed our society like termites, it is the special duty of BJP to rid the nation of it”.

Referring to the recent tweets of Pakistan ministers backing Rahul and addressing him as the next PM of India, Modi said, “Congress’ attempts to form alliance in India has failed and so it is looking for alliances outside India. Is it the world to decide who will be the next PM? It seems with power the party has lost its balance too. The 125-year-old party has lost its credibility”.  He also took a jibe at the attempts of Congress to form a grand alliance against the BJP and said, “Congress is pleading in front of small parties owing to the fear of losing to BJP”.

Amit Shah also lashed out Congress by saying that on what basis Rahul Gandhi will ask votes. He also said that Rahul Gandhi is daydreaming of winning the elections. On the recent exclusion of 40 lakh people in Assam from NCR, he said that for BJP, India’s security matters but for Congress it was their vote bank. He also said the party workers to take BJP in every booth and village of India. While the CM of the state, Shiv Raj Singh Chouhan said, ”We are ready for the 2018 assembly elections, we want to achieve record win in these polls and win all parliamentary seats in Madhya Pradesh for BJP in 2019”.

The visit by PM Modi comes after The Sankalp Rally of Rahul Gandhi in the state. As the state is asset to go for polls by the end of this December, both that parties have started to campaign vigorously.


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