Instagram Reels now support videos upto 30 seconds, launches more options to edit

Image Source : The Guardian

Instagram has recently announced a few required updates to its TikTok competitor, Reels. This includes the ability to make longer videos and an easier system to trim video clips. It might not help to compete against TikTok, but it will get some Instagram natives on board.

The most important one is the length change. The Reels can now be recorded for a length of around 30 seconds. Another is the timer set up that has been increased now to 10 seconds. Users can also trim and delete any clip in a video as opposed to the clip which he/she had finished recording.

These are normal updates but they will definitely reduce the small issues to make a Reel. Still major issues are not yet fixed. One is that there is no real place for Reels on Instagram. It tries to squeeze to a platform which is already bogged down trying to be an e-shopping site, live video platform and Snapchat. Reels definitely does not do anything that TikTok doesn’t do.

Image Source : Business Insider

Since TikTok’s future is uncertain, people are now starting to use Reels. Reels’ product director Tessa Lyons-Laing said that users were requesting changes and on the basis of people’s feedback, they have tried to improve Reels and the updates make it more easy to create and edit. It is still early to let know, but they are still looking at a large number of entertaining and creative content.

It can be said that Reels would definitely not be like TikTok. Even the Snapchat swipe won’t work in this matter. But people would surely like to see what Instagram will do with this feature.


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