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Slack to add email conversations, calendar integrations, and improved search features


Slack, the business communication service, is adding a host of new features that will allow users to chat with their co-workers without having to open new tabs and applications. The company is adding shared channels, email and calendar integrations as well as an improved search feature that makes it easier to find things on the app.

The most exciting feature of the update is probably the enhanced search feature. The problem with Slack or any chat app for that matter is that it is quite difficult for users to find things that happened days, weeks, or months ago. Slack is adding a Universal search bar that allows users to find a list of unread channels and direct messages as well as the channels, files and people that they have been interacting with most often. The company is also promising quick results that show prior discussions and materials shared on the service, as is expected from a search feature.

Additionally, Slack is also adding better integrations with two of the most relied applications: email and calendar. In the coming months, the service will add a feature for people who have been invited to a Slack but have not joined yet to receive emails regarding important messages and information. That includes mentions, direct messages, and other relevant conversations. Over time, Slack is also looking forward to adding a feature that would allow users to reply to Slack messages directly through their email.

The company is also expanding its recent integrations for Outlook Calendar and Google Calendar by introducing invites that can be sent and received directly through the platform. They will have people aware of important meetings and allow them to respond to make their availability known and join conference calls right on Slack. Outlook calendar users will also be allowed to sync their schedule so Slack will have their status updated when a calendar event has them go AFK. The service will also start generating calendar invites when a user starts typing things like “Let’s meet tomorrow and discuss.” All of these features are expected to come to Slack by the end of this year.

Slack is also expanding its Shared Channel feature that will allow multiple organizations to communicate within the same workspace. The service should be welcome for any company that works with outside agencies and vendors on projects.



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