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List of top 10 P2P lending startups in India

According to a report by Boston Consulting Group (BCG), the fintech space has witnessed an explosive growth in the recent years and digital lending industry is expected to touch $1 trillion over the next five years.

As the government is focusing on digitizing India, the number of online users in the country is set to grow, creating a new market for the growing industry.

Here is a comprehensive list of top 10 P2P lending startups in India:


Lendbox is one of the leading p2p lending platforms in India. Located in New Delhi, Lendbox is RBI certified NBFC-P2P company with nearly 20,000 registered investors and 2,00,000 registered borrowers.

With team of young and energetic professionals, who have come together from diverse backgrounds, Lendbox aims to revolutionise personal loan market in India.

With an average ROI of 24%, it is an effective product to muliply your savings and create a stable passive income.


Faircent is a Gurugram-based P2P lending platform, founded by Nitin Gupta, Rajat Gandhi, and Vinay Mathews in 2013. It is one of the first P2P lending platforms to start operations in the country. It connects the borrowers and lenders directly, eliminating intermediaries to provide better rates for both.

It last raised $4 million in a series B funding from Muthoot Fincorp and Incofin Investment Management in December 2017.


Lendingkart is an Ahmedabad-based fintech startup founded by Harshvardhan Lunia and Mukul Sachan in 2014. The startup uses data analysis to connect borrowers with lenders based on their creditworthiness to facilitate loans. This fintech startup aims to enable SME’s and other individuals by providing easy access to credit.

The startup had last secured ₹300 crores in debt funding Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC and others in August 2018.


Finzy is a Bengaluru-based P2P lending startup founded by Abhinandan Sangam, Amit More, Vishwas Dixit and Apoorv Gowde in 2016. It provides a digital platform to facilitate quick, easy and secure loans at personalized rates based on borrowers capabilities.

The startup recently raised $1 million in its second round of pre-series A funding in August 2018.


i2iFunding is a Noida-based fintech startup founded by Abhinav Johary, Manisha Bansal, Neha Aggarwal, Raghavendra Pratap Singh, and Vaibhav Pandey in 2015. It provides a platform for borrowers to get loans at attractive rates, along with high returns for the lenders.

The startup had last raised ₹5 crores in seed funding from SucSEED Venture Partners in May 2018.


i-Lend is a Hyderabad-based P2P-NBFC platform founded by Mukesh Kothari, Niti Gupta, and Shankar VVSSB in 2012. It provides an online marketplace connecting borrowers and lenders for loans. Borrowers can get attractive loans at 18-24% rates, while lenders can get high returns compared to a savings account and FD’s.

The startup raised an undisclosed amount of seed funding from 50K Ventures in May 2017.


LenDenClub is a Mumbai-based P2P lending startup founded by Bhavin Patel and Dipesh Karki in 2015. It provides a technology-led platform for borrowers to connect directly with lenders, removing the intermediaries and cutting involved costs. The platform currently has more than 25,000 borrowers from over 7,500 lenders.

The startup last raised $500,000 from Venture Catalyst and Anirudh Damani, MD of Artha India Ventures.

PaisaDukan (BigWin Infotech)

PaisaDukan is a Mumbai-based P2P lending startup founded by Rajiv Ranjan in 2018. It enables financial inclusion by providing a technology-led platform to facilitate smooth and seamless loans between borrowers and lenders. PaisaDukan is owned and operated by BigWin Infotech.

The startup last raised $225,000 in seed funding in May 2018.


RupeeCircle is a Mumbai-based fintech startup founded by Ajit Kumar, Abhishek Gandhi, Ashish Mehta and Piyush Saurabh in January 2018. It leverages cutting-edge technology to provide cheaper interest rates on loans compared to traditional financial institutions. It also provides higher returns for the lenders by removing intermediaries.

The startup had last raised ₹4 crores in seed funding from Mahindra Finance in July 2018.


Monexo is a Mumbai-based P2P-NBFC founded by M Sundar, Mukesh Bubna, and Sonal Bengani in 2014. It provides an online marketplace to facilitate peer-to-peer lending by bringing together borrowers and lenders.

This P2P lending platform raised $500,000 in seed funding in December 2014.


Cashkumar is a Bengaluru-based fintech startup founded by Dhiren Makhija, Kannan Kandappan, and Yogesh Joshi in 2012. It uses various data points to ascertain the creditworthiness of the borrower to facilitate seamless loan ranging from 20,000 to 1 lakh, through low-interest EMI’s.

The startup last raised 5 crores in seed funding from a clutch of investor including Vishal Sampat, Mohan Kumar, and OperatorVC in May 2018.

Along with providing an affordable lending platform for the borrowers, the startups will also provide lucrative returns on lender’s investments by removing any intermediaries. As the number of Indian online users increase, more fintech startups are expected to leverage the growing opportunity.

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    Peer to Peer (P2P) lending platforms help individuals to borrow and lend money without any intermediaries. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) regulates Peer to Peer Lending platforms as a special type of P2P NBFC and has regulations to protect the interest of lenders and borrowers.
    According to me one of the most reliable forms of P2P already exists in India since last 50+ years in the form of financial services model called group savings and lending chit funds. None of the shortcomings of P2P lending are present in the group savings and lending chit funds. The only issue with chit funds was the opaqueness, trusting the chit fund and fear of losing money. But move over those old days and the fear attached with it, as India now has its own fintech of chit funds. KyePot is India’s 1st Digital Chits platform which has made digital chits easy to access, trust-able, completely safe, and transparent and is also fully in compliance as per rules and regulations of India. It is the safest way to save, invest and borrow and is also much better than a P2P NBFC lending concept:
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