Google Account refresh look now rolling out for Android users

Google Account

Most of the users of Google’s online services like GmailYouTube and others may not be aware of the fact that they can control and monitor access to those features through one Google Account. In an announcement by Google, it is rolling out a new update. This update will be rolling out a refresh Google Account controls that will also include a new and better interface. However according to some reports, some new features will also be rolling out for Google Assistant.

In a blog post, the tech-giant states that the new feature will help users to use the search option to find specific Google Account Settings. This will also include the settings to change the Account Password. The new features will also bring a new dedicated support section. This section will help users on all aspects regarding their account. The section will also include answer to the questions given by the Google community.

The new design will also allow users to place their Google Account Activity controls in the Data and Personalization tab. Users can even also choose the activities that they want to save in their account. The new design will also help users to view the Privacy Checkup. The Privacy Checkup feature will alert the users regarding any security issues and will also show users how to keep their account secure. This new Google Account design is now rolling out for Android devices. It will be available to the iOS and web users later.


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