Google Drive set for a makeover; might replicate Gmail like design

Google Drive
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For last few years now, the web versions of many Google products design have not been changed. These products mainly include GmailGoogle Drive, Google Sheets etc. However, following the last month’s Gmail revamp, Google has now also decided to make a move and refresh the interface of Google Drive. Google announced at the I/O 2018 that the web version of Google’s Drive will now also receive a design revamps soon. Google also confirmed that there will be no change in functionality. But the company also has made a wide range of visual tweaks. These tweaks have been made to make the design match Google’s latest material design principles. Furthermore, the new interface will be more responsive and it will also offer an efficient experience for Google Drive users.

What are new changes in Google Drive:

Google has also listed wide-range of changes that are expected to be included in the redesigned Google Drive for the web interface. The first change will be related to the logo on the top left that has been changed to the Google Drive logo. Also, now the custom company logo will now be on the top right of the page.

The Settings and Help Center icon has also been moved. The icon is now in-line with the search bar. Also, the page background has been changed now to white colored rather than the earlier gray. The New button has also received quite a revamp too. The New button now looks pretty much same as the one on the recently redesigned Gmail interface. Google also modified the font used for headers to give its users a refreshing feel. In a blog post, Google stated that they are launching the new updates as a rapid release. The scheduled release will be coming in next two weeks.


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